Does Quora Have Anonymous Browsing? Is It Safe? (Solved & Explained!)

Quora is a website where people can ask questions and get answers from other knowledgeable people on the topic. You can also see what questions people are asking about your topic of interest to get a sense of what topics others are curious about. But does Quora have anonymous browsing? This article answers this question to your satisfaction. So keep reading for more information.

Yes, Quora has anonymous browsing, where you can easily browse without signing in. This anonymous browsing helps users hide their identity. Anonymous browsing also plays a vital role in giving Quora users the freedom to ask and answer questions without any restrictions.

How to Access Anonymous Browsing on Quora

If you want to access anonymous browsing on Quora, consider using this seven-step procedure to your advantage:

1. Go to

2. Tap on “Install Extension.”

3. Open this link Browse Quora anonymously in your browser.

4. At the top right corner, click on “Import List.”

5. On the left side, visit the rules section to see the newly added rule of browsing Quora anonymously on your dashboard.

6. Click on “Status Toggle” to make anonymous browsing active.

7. You can now continue to browse anonymously on Quora.

Besides, anonymous browsing allows you to ask and answer questions anonymously. You can easily type an anonymous question in the provided box, then check the box anonymously and click on submit to complete the process. Usually, users are advised not to abuse anonymous browsing on Quora, which will lead to banning this feature.

Can You Go Anonymous on Quora?

Yes, you can go anonymous on Quora, as this platform allows users to add questions and answers anonymously. You can easily ask and answer questions anonymously by clicking on the drop-down menu “show to followers” and choosing “Anonymous” from the list to hide your true identity. Going anonymous on Quora is usually enjoyable as you can express yourself freely.

Is Quora Anonymous Safe?

Yes, Quora Anonymous is safe since it hides your identity unless you feel like revealing it to your followers. Quora anonymous also allows you to express yourself freely without too many restrictions from the Quora moderation team.

Furthermore, it is best to continue taking heed of the Quora policies when posting anonymously to avoid being banned on this platform.

Are Anonymous Questions on Quora Really Anonymous?

Yes, anonymous questions on Quora are really anonymous as they do not show the identity of the person asking the question. Besides, even those people who blocked you can see your anonymous question and still give you answers.

Therefore, going anonymous on Quora can help you reach users whom you cannot hear from on normal occasions.

Can I Ask Questions on Quora Anonymously?

Yes, you can easily ask questions on Quora anonymously. This platform gives users the option to ask and answer questions anonymously. If you want to ask questions anonymously on Quora, follow this procedure:

1. Click “show to followers” on the drop-down menu.

2. Click on “Anonymous” from the list.

3. Submit your anonymous question.

Remember, Quora Anonymous got you covered as it hides your identity unless you want to reveal it to your follower by yourself. Express yourself freely using this feature.

How Do I Make My Profile Anonymous on Quora?

You can make your profile anonymous on Quora by selecting “Anonymous” from the list. This will hide your identity from your followers. Once your profile is anonymous, you can ask and answer questions freely, as this feature helps you express yourself fully.

Why Can’t I Answer Anonymously on Quora?

You cannot answer anonymously on Quora because this feature has been discontinued. Quora removed this feature because the majority started abusing it.

Moreover, going anonymous has led to social harassment since people know their identity is hidden.

How Can I See My Anonymous Answers on Quora?

You can simply search for your answers on Quora or Google. When searching on Google, type (as much as I remember of the answer site: You can also bookmark your answers once you submit them.

How Do I Answer Anonymously on the Quora App?

If you want to answer anonymously on the Quora app, consider using these five steps:

1. Go to the three dots (…) that are below that question.

2. Select the “Write Anonymously” option.

3. You will then be directed to the Anonymous Edit Link for the draft of the new anonymous answer.

4. Post your answer.

5. That link will be one of the sources for editing or deleting your answer based on your preference.

Answering anonymously is the best option for you if you want to hide your identity from your followers.

How Can I Post Anonymously?

You can post anonymously by writing your Quora stories and clicking the “show to followers” option on the drop-down menu. Then select “Anonymous” from the list and post your content freely.

How Do I Ask an Anonymous Question?

You can ask an anonymous question by clicking the Anonymous option on the list. Once you are through with your typing, click on the submit button to post your question anonymously to your followers.

You are then directed to the Anonymous Edit Link, where you can edit or delete your answer in the future.

Has Quora Banned All Anonymous Answers?

Yes, Quora has banned all anonymous answers. This is because many users abused the app by posting irrelevant answers.

Many people who were offended on this platform by questions for anonymity and answers complained big time, leading to the discontinuation of this feature.

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