How Can I Avoid Being Banned on Quora? Checkout These 20 Helpful Hints

Quora is a great platform for networking and building your brand, but you need to make sure you avoid being banned. This blog post walks you through tips that will help you avoid being banned and other information that you may wish to know about this platform. Stay connected by reading till the end. 

Here are 20 tips to help you stay safe on Quora.

1. Avoid violating any policies on this platform. This is done by carefully reading the Quora guidelines.

2. Avoid discrimination.

3. Take heed of the warnings sent to you by Quora.

4. Ensure your answers are helpful and at least three sentences long.

5. No trolling.

6. Avoid posting affiliate links in your account.

7. Always be nice and respectful, even if you dislike the question or the person.

8. Avoid questioning other people’s opinions.

9. Be honest.

10. Post relevant questions.

11. Avoid questions that attack other people’s opinions and nature.

12. Use legal ways to gain followers.

13. Use an appropriate profile picture; that is, avoid offensive ones, as they can get you banned.

14. Be active by posting and answering other users’ questions.

15. Answer all questions thoughtfully and properly.

16. Use your real name.

17. Do not write in any other language apart from English.

18. Do not post memes.

19. Do not try to sell or buy things on Quora.

20. Do not deviate from the answers and crack useless jokes.

Why Do People Get Banned from Quora?

People get banned from Quora for any of the following 15 reasons:

1. People post affiliate links on Quora, which is not allowed in this app.

2. Insulting people due to their opinions.

3. Questioning people’s intelligence rudely when they answer your questions.

4. Discriminating against others based on their nationality, race, gender, sexuality, etc.

5. Impersonating Quora moderation.

6. Ignoring Quora warnings by repeating the same old mistakes.

7. Asking questions that are not clear and attacking other people’s opinions.

8. If your content is determined to be spam.

9. Using illegal ways to gain subscribers to your account.

10. Having an offensive or fake username.

11. Repeated violation of Quora guidelines.

12. Being rude.

13. Having an inappropriate profile picture.

14. Posting bad things about Quora on the app and other social media platforms.

15. Using fake logins to your account.  

How Do I Post a Link Without Being Banned on Quora?

Here are four ways to post a link without being banned from Quora:

1. Answer questions on Quora and post your link below your answers.

2. You can also provide your link as an image source.

3. You can post your link on your profile bio.

4. You can create a space and a link on it.

5. Add your link in your topic credentials to avoid getting banned on Quora.

Remember, Quora wants promotion of their platform and not any other app. Therefore, you can be blocked once you post links due to spamming.

Why Is My Account Banned in Quora?

Your account is banned on Quora due to repeated violations of the Quora guidelines. Quora usually has rules that help to moderate users to ensure that the platform runs in a smooth order and is helpful to other users.

You can get banned from Quora if you ignore the warnings they send you. Once you receive a notification from Quora, consider changing your language to avoid being completely prohibited from using this app.

How to Get Unbanned from Quora

You can only get unbanned from Quora if you submit an appeal to Politely email Quora and admit your mistake. Promise that you won’t make the same error twice.

Ensure you are brief and straight to the point. Exercise patience because it may take a while before Quora responds to your email.

How Does Quora Ban People Permanently?

Quora has moderators who constantly check whether an individual is not going against the set guidelines. Once you repeatedly violate Quora’s policies, you will get a message showing you are completely banned from using Quora.

You will not be able to post your questions, comment on other people’s posts, or follow other users on this app.

Quora will not pay heed to your appeals; therefore, you can decide to move to other platforms that can accommodate you. 

How Do I Get Banned on Quora?

You can get banned from Quora by doing the following 12 things:

1. Discriminating against Quora users based on their race, gender, sexuality, nationality, etc.

2. Not respecting other people’s opinions.

3. Asking offensive questions regularly.

4. Being rude.

5. Insulting people.

6. Having an inappropriate profile picture.

7. Having your Quora username that is offensive and fake.

8. Asking insincere questions that lead to judging others.

9. Questioning the intelligence of the people who disrespectfully answer your questions

10. Posting bad things about Quora on this platform and other social media apps.

11. Gaining followers illegally.

12. Repeatedly violating Quora guidelines.

What Can One Do When Banned From Using Quora?

The following are three things that you can do when banned from using Quora:

1. You can try appealing by emailing Quora so you can be given a second chance to continue using this app.

2. Try creating another account on Quora and hope that your subscribers get to know about your new account. This means you are starting from scratch; therefore, exercise patience.

3. You can move to other social media platforms rather than crying every day due to being banned from using Quora.

Why Did I Just Get Randomly Kicked Off of Quora?

You got randomly kicked off of Quora for either of the following seven reasons:

1. Attacking people for their ideas.

2. Discriminating against people on this platform based on nationality, race, religion, etc.

3. Asking insincere questions.

4. Insulting people.

5. Constant violation of Quora guidelines.

6. Trolling.

7. Using shortcuts to have many followers on the platform.

How Can I Avoid Being Blocked by Quora for Being Insincere?

You can avoid being blocked by Quora for what they perceive to be insincere by doing the following six things:

1. Paraphrase your curiosity so that most Quora users get to understand your question.

2. Avoid asking insincere questions that try to convince people to stick to your opinions rather than theirs, for example, trying to bring out feminism, atheism, and scientific arguments. 

3. Ensure the pattern of your questions is clear.

4. Ask questions that will lead to answers and not arguments.

5. Avoid making statements; instead, formulate your idea into a brief and precise question.

6. Ensure your questions are less emotionally charged and focus on a neutral phrase.

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