What is Quora Moderation? How To Become Quora Moderator

Quora is a question-and-answer website where users can ask questions and receive responses from other users. The site covers a wide range of topics, and because it is so huge, it can be an excellent location to find information on whatever you are interested in. However, because of the enormous volume of users, moderation is required. So, what exactly is Quora moderation, and is it required?

Quora moderation is the action that is usually taken by a team on this platform to ensure high-quality knowledge on different posts by either editing, improving, or collapsing content that violates the set Quora guidelines. Besides, Quora moderation helps to maintain order on this platform as it restricts certain ill-behaved behaviors that are not helpful to users.

Usually, Quora moderation works by dictating. It gives warnings to users who try to violate policies. Once a user ignores the warnings by repeating the same old mistakes, the Quora moderation team bans the user’s account either temporarily or permanently, depending on the violation type.

Moreover, Quora moderation ensures all users are covered. Any user who tries to be abusive and insult others will be banned from using this platform. Quora moderation helps to maintain fairness more, and highly values people’s opinions as long as they do not interfere with other people’s beliefs and personalities.

What Is a Quora Moderator? 

A Quora moderator is a team that plays a vital role in ensuring the site has high-quality content on different questions, answers, and comments.

A Quora moderator edits, improves, and collapses content that violates Quora’s policies. This policy helps to moderate every piece of content so as to ensure people get the best of what they are looking for. 

Who Is Quora Moderation Team? 

Quora’s moderation team is a team that maintains order and high-quality content by improving, collapsing content that violates Quora’s guidelines, editing, and banning accounts that do not satisfy the expectations of the site. Besides, Quora allows users to report content that violates the site’s policies.

What Is Quora Mostly Used for?

Quora is used for asking and answering questions. It is a platform that values people’s opinions without questioning their level of intelligence. Besides, Quora is the best platform for interaction as people exchange different ideas, thus letting you grow wise.

How Do I Contact Quora Moderator?

1. Click on https://help.quora.com.

2. Select “contact us.”

3. Choose the appropriate topic that describes your case.

How Do I Appeal a Quora Moderation Decision?

Appealing Quora moderation decisions is very simple. All you have to do is:

1. Click on “Appeal” on the notification you receive from Quora moderation. 

2. Explain yourself in brief

3. Submit your appeal. 

4. Wait for the response from Quora. This may take a while; therefore, try to be patient. 

Alternatively, you can also appeal by doing the following:

1. Click on the “contact us” link at the top right of the page. 

2. Tap on “I want to appeal the moderation decision.”

3. Explain yourself.

4. Submit your appeal.

5. Wait for the response. 

Why Do I Get a Message “Your Answer to This Question Has Been Deleted by Quora Moderation.”? As Soon as I Post Any Answer? 

1. Your answer encourages spam.

2. You give conservative answers. 

3. You have copied and pasted someone else’s answers. It is best to rearrange your answer to avoid copyright infringement.

4. Rude answers.

5. Aggressive answers.

How Does One Become a Quora Moderator? 

One can easily become a Quora moderator if they are familiar with Quora policies. Once familiar with them, you will know all the posts that violate Quora policies.

Report all the posts that do not match the platform’s policies. Besides, avoid reporting everything since many users will complain about the unfairness of the moderation. 

Do You Hate Quora Moderation? 

Yes, because Quora moderation has not specified the type of policy one is violating. All it does is delete your answer without consideration, making users feel deprived of their rights. 

Besides, Quora moderations do not quickly respond to an appeal made by a user or sometimes never respond at all.

If your account is banned, you may lose it forever since they do not consider your opinions. This makes Quora less of a free platform than it seems. 

Why Are My Answers Removed on Quora? 

Your answers are removed from Quora for the following seven reasons:

1. You are trying to promote affiliate links on Quora, which is not allowed. 

2. Your answers are misleading; therefore, Quora moderation deletes them before the majority sticks to that misleading answer. 

3. Those answers are insulting. Quora is a platform where answers matter; if insults are part of the answers, they are deleted. 

4. Someone must have reported your answer to Quora. 

5. If your answer violates Quora policies, it will be deleted. 

6. Your answer promotes commercial products in which you have a personal interest. 

7. Spam.

However, if you feel your answer was deleted for no reason, you can appeal deletions by clicking on the link in the violation notifications.

What Is Wrong with Quora Moderation? 

Quora moderation is very inconsistent. This is because it does not have a specific topic of discussion to delete, as it can delete anything without considering what it means. This is unfortunate as many people’s answers and comments cannot be read, making users feel less intelligent. 

Moreover, Quora moderation is very inaccessible. Usually, the Quora moderation appeal is not answered; therefore, getting your Quora account back is usually impossible. This makes this platform so inconvenient for users, especially those with many subscribers, as they are forced to start from scratch. 

Similarly, Quora moderation has its importance too on this platform. It plays a vital role in ensuring that all the answers satisfy Quora guidelines. Usually, it deletes biased and less important content that will mislead people. This is helpful as it feeds people with the right content.

Also, Quora moderation helps to maintain this platform in order. At least there are various things that, once a user does, are either deleted or their account is banned. This helps to maintain a good order where people can exchange ideas and interact freely regardless of their opinions and level of intelligence.

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