Why My Quora Account Is Temporarily Blocked? (Solved & Explained!)

If you’ve lately attempted to log in to your Quora account and been unable to do so, you’re not alone. Thousands of Quora users have reported that their accounts have been blocked without explanation. So, what exactly is going on? Why has Quora deactivated my account? And, most importantly, how can I get it unblocked?

This blog article will examine 12 possible reasons why your account may have been blocked and provide suggestions on how to remedy the problem.

1. Ignoring Quora Warnings

Quora sends you a polite warning on your app to help you amend your ways on this platform. Repeatedly ignoring Quora warnings leads to a temporary ban since you are still making the same old mistakes.

2. Questioning People’s Intelligence

If you have posted your question and gotten feedback from Quora users, you do not have the right to question people’s intelligence rudely. This could lead to a temporary ban on Quora.

3. Owning Multiple Fake Quora Accounts

Once Quora moderators identify that you are using multiple fake accounts, you will be banned from using this app. This is because it is an illegal act that is not entertained on Quora.

4. Requesting for Manual Answer Moderation

You are not allowed to request a manual answer moderator from a Quora support representative. This is a disrespectful way of contacting Quora and can lead to a ban.

5. Rudely Answering Questions

Quora is a platform that requires users to be courteous and respectful. If you do not feel like answering a certain question, you had better leave it rather than answer it rudely, as this will cause a temporary ban.

6. Insulting Quora Users

Insults are not allowed on Quora. Repeatedly insulting users is one way of getting banned quickly on Quora. To be on the safer side, avoid insulting people.

7. Interfering with Other People’s Opinions

Other people’s opinions and beliefs matter on the Quora platform. Therefore, always paraphrase your questions, answers, and comments to avoid attacking other people’s opinions.

8. Discrimination

Discrimination is the worst thing to ever happen to humans. Usually, there are reported cases of discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, religion, etc.

If Quora moderators notice any discrimination, they will temporarily ban your Quora.

9. Using an Unverified Quora Account

An unverified Quora account simply means an account that is not recognized by this platform. Using an unverified Quora account will lead to a temporary ban because the information provided is fake.

10. Spamming

Spamming is a way of providing fake information which misleads people on Quora. Avoid spamming people on Quora to maintain your account without any limitations.

11. Posting Affiliate Links on Your Quora Account

Affiliate links promote the marketing of products. Quora does not allow users to post affiliate links on this platform as this is not an app for marketing products. You will get banned once Quora discovers these links on your account.

12. Constant Violation of Quora Guidelines

Quora has specific guidelines that help maintain order on this platform. It would be best if you took heed of various restrictions to avoid landing on the worst side, such as banning your account. Once you constantly violate these rules, your Quora account will be temporarily banned.

How Long is a Temporary Block on Quora?

A temporary block on Quora lasts for two weeks. During this duration, a Quora user is set to a read-only mode where they can read but not post questions, answers, or comments.

This can be boring, especially when you are fond of giving your opinions. Always submit an appeal as soon as possible so Quora can respond to you easily. 

How Can I Remove Block from Quora?

You can remove the block from Quora by submitting an appeal by emailing them at moderation@quora.com. Quora will then respond to your issue if they are convinced to give you back your Quora account.

You can also contact Quora on WhatsApp or text using this number: +1 (803) 216-5979.

Why Is My Quora Account Banned?

Your Quora account is banned for either of the following 13 reasons:

1. Scamming people.

2. Being rude.

3. Questioning people’s intelligence when they answer your questions.

4. Using an unverified Quora account.

5. Repeatedly ignoring Quora warnings by recapping the same old mistakes.

6. Insulting people.

7. Posting questions that interfere with people’s personalities and beliefs.

8. Discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, religion, etc.

9. Constant violation of Quora guidelines.

10. Spamming people.

11. Posting affiliate links on your Quora account.

12. Bullying other Quora users.

13. Cracking useless jokes in the midst of a serious conversation on Quora.

Why Does Quora Block Me from Asking Questions?

Quora blocks you from asking questions due to any of the following six reasons:

1. You have violated Quora guidelines, which has led to a ban restricting you from asking questions.

2. You are asking questions about banned topics on Quora.

3. Perhaps you are browsing without being signed in correctly.

4. You are using an unverified account.

5. The question has been locked by Quora moderation.

6. The question you have been asking has been merged; therefore, you are blocked from asking questions on Quora.

How Can I Retrieve My Quora Account?

You can retrieve your Quora account by contacting Quora through:

1. Emailing them through recovery guarantee@gmail.com.

2. WhatsApp on this number +1 (803) 216-5979

3. Text on +1 (803) 216-5979

Ensure you follow these six steps when you contact Quora when retrieving your account:

1. Clarify the problem that your Quora account is facing.

2. Set goals.

3. Think of the solutions, especially when you are banned from Quora.

4. Identify the recovery solutions.

5. Submit your appeal.

6. Wait for the response from Quora.

How Do I Unblock My Quora Account?

If you want to unblock your Quora account, write an appeal by emailing Quora through moderation@quora.com. Quora will consider your appeal, especially when you were blocked for petty reasons.

Besides, ensure you express yourself politely and be brief to have your Quora account back. Be patient enough to wait for the response from Quora since it takes a while before they get back to you.

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