Do Pro Gamers Use Wireless Mice? Amazing Facts About Wireless Mouse

Although gaming requires skills for you to perform better, the gear that one uses matters too. A lot of gamers will prefer to use different gear from others that will make them have fun. Usually, the gadgets you are gaming with may either increase or decrease performance. A mouse, for instance, is among the devices that matter while gaming. And that brings us to the question of why do pro gamers use wireless mice? Keep reading to find more on that.

Yes. Many pro gamers are now switching to wireless mice. The Logitech 3 wireless mice and the SteelSeries are commonly used gaming mice. These mice have tended to have very great impacts since they have among the most improved technologies. In terms of input lag, you will realize that they are the same as the wired version. So, wireless mice are not offensive since they are also a good choice for pro gamers.

Here are eight reasons why pro gamers use wireless mice:

1. More Movement Freedom

While in an activity like gaming, freedom of movement matters a lot. A lot of games require different handling. With a wired mouse, you may be limited to one position. That then reduces productivity and the chances of winning.

However, with a wireless mouse, there are no movement limitations since no wires are connected to them.

2. There Is No Cable Tangling

One reason gamers prefer using wireless mice is that there is no cable tangling. For wired mice, there is a higher chance that the cables will tangle.

The tangling will then cause the cables to cut, reducing durability and productivity. So, to prevent cases of cable tangling, pro gamers see wireless mice as the real deal.

3. They Are Lighter

Weight matters for a lot of things, including a gaming mouse. You do not like to play games; instead of enjoying them, you get fatigued. That will be a limitation, and your chances to game better will be reduced. In that case, choosing a wireless mouse over a wired one is a good choice.

Usually, the wireless version has been designed to be lighter than its wired counterparts. Because of this, gamers choose the wireless ones.

4. They Are Customizable

Customization is among the best features one can be able to access. Imagine having a gaming mouse, and you make it better than the developer who built it. Compared to a wired mouse, you can customize a wireless one.

By accessing its settings from the computer, you can adjust the settings that suit your needs and preferences. And that is a very good reason why wireless mice are worth it.

5. They Are Faster

Wireless mice are faster compared to their counterparts. The wireless version is considered the best in terms of visual processing of information. That means that, while gaming using the wireless mouse, there will be a high speed and response rate.

That becomes an advantage since gaming will be faster and more of a chance of winning than losing. So, their ability to be fast makes it a reason why pro gamers use wireless mice.

6. They Are Comfortable

Comfort is something that every gamer will always want to achieve. To enhance that comfort, you need gaming devices to make you feel that comfort. A wireless mouse, for instance, is one of the gadgets that enhance comfort.

Usually, the mouse has been designed to fit your hands well. In addition, there are no cable drags or resistance while gaming, making the wireless version a great deal.

7. Longer Range

Wireless mice have a longer range compared to their counterparts. This becomes an advantage since you can game far away from your screen. This feature is amazing since you can game comfortably.

The range can also be adjusted further using an extender cable. With that, you can game from the comfort of your home.

8. They Are Durable

Durability is what everyone is always after. You would not like to purchase something and have it fail in the first week. Getting a wireless mouse is one thing you must consider if you are after durability.

What enhances its long-lasting term is that there are no cables. You can be sure of even longer-lasting durability with proper maintenance.

Do Wireless Mice Have Input Lag?

Yes. Wireless mice have input lag. Usually, they have around 8 to 16 ms of lag.

The debate on whether it is better to have a wired or wireless mouse for gaming keeps going every day. The choice of what type of mouse to choose depends on your own choice. Some gamers would prefer to use the wired version because it is cheaper.

On the other hand, some gamers prefer the wireless version because they find it much more convenient to use. So, choosing a gaming mouse that suits all your preferences would be best. With that, you can be sure of a better gaming experience.

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