Do Pro Gamers Use Wireless Keyboard? Surprising Facts Explained!

While gaming, there are a lot of different gadgets that gamers use. In most cases, a gamer tends to use the device that they find best and most productive. For instance, some gamers prefer gaming using a keyboard compared to a controller. However, most of those keyboards are modified to satisfy the user’s needs. But the question is, do pro gamers use a wireless keyboard? Let us find out.

No. A larger percentage of pro gamers do not use wireless keyboards. In most cases, pro gamers consider using a wireless keyboard a headache. When you look closely, you will realize that wireless versions of keyboards have been designed to achieve fanciness more than performance. Therefore, many pro gamers use the wired versions since they find them advantageous.

8 Reasons Why Pro Gamers Don’t Use Wireless Keyboards

1. Have High Latency

Gamers do not use wireless keyboards since they consider them to have higher latency. Usually, latency is always the time it takes for the keyboard to register a keystroke on the screen. The high latency then becomes a lot more disadvantageous to the gamer. For competitive games, it will be challenging to play aggressively, which is why pros prefer using wired versions.

2. Have Low Battery Life

Since the keyboards are wireless, it means that their batteries are charged. The batteries, however, don’t have that long-lasting durability. Usually, as a gamer, you may want to game for many hours with less disturbance. You would not want to lose a mission due to a low keyboard battery. And in that case, a wired keyboard becomes the game changer.

3. Poor Connection

Since the keyboard is wireless, there is always a mechanism that connects it to the entire PC. While gaming, there might be chances and possibilities that the connection fails. If the keyboard is using Bluetooth, for instance, the connection may not be that successful all the time. This leads to decreased productivity and may cause a player to lose a game.

4. They Are More Expensive

Compared to the wired versions, the wireless keyboards are more costly. Usually, the wireless ones have been designed to transmit signals over the air using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology. Those technologies are costly, and hence make the entire device expensive too. So, the expensive factor makes using a wired keyboard better.

5. Takes a Long Time to Setup

Compared to a wired keyboard, where you plug in the cable and continue gaming, wireless keyboards require some connection setups. This becomes a great limitation since there is a possibility that the connectivity takes a long time. You will find it difficult to make it to the game on time when in an urgent gaming mood. That makes it better to use a wired keyboard instead. 

6. Require High Maintenance 

Wireless keyboards require more frequent maintenance compared to wired ones. As you know, their connectivity is based on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Their technology requires a lot of maintenance for them to work smoothly. Their counterparts, on the other hand, do not require much maintenance; in that case, there are reduced maintenance costs.

7. Interference Issues

When using a wireless keyboard, there are increased chances of interference compared to wired keyboards. The interference case is mainly realized in computers that have a metal case. The interference may then hinder the entire gaming activity, making the experience worse. It would be best to get a wired gaming keyboard to prevent that.

8. Prone to Attacks

Unlike wired keyboards, wireless ones are prone to attacks. Usually, many hackers easily access your system through wireless connections. With that, there are minimal chances of safety compared to if you had used wired keyboards. So, for the general safety of your gaming gadgets, it would be best to use a wired keyboard. And that is what makes many professional gamers use the wired ones.

So, which keyboard do pro gamers use? Pro gamers mostly use wired keyboards. However, some of them prefer wireless ones for reasons they understand best. 

Is Wireless Keyboard Okay for Gaming?

No. The wireless keyboard is not that great for gaming. However, this does not mean you can’t use it for the activity. In most cases, wired versions are preferred since they have many more pros than cons.

The debate over whether a wired or wireless keyboard is better for gaming continues to progress as time passes. The wired keyboard is the most recommended. However, your personal preference may influence your decision.

Some wonder whether wireless keyboards are slower than wired ones. Well, wireless keyboards are relatively slower compared to wired ones. The reason behind this is that the wireless version has to transmit signals for it to work. Unlike the wired version, where all that’s required is a simple plug-in.

Does a wireless keyboard have input lag? An excellent wireless keyboard is going to have minimal input lag. However, you may notice a higher input lag in the case of poor working wireless keyboards.

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