Why Am I Not Allowed to Answer Questions on Quora? Explained!

Quora is a platform for users to ask and answer questions. The site has become popular for its high-quality content and the engagement of its community of users. However, there are some restrictions on what you can do on Quora. One of these restrictions is that you cannot answer your questions. In this blog post, I will explore the reason why this restriction exists and share my thoughts on it.

You are not allowed to answer questions on Quora due to the following thirteen reasons:

1. You are using Quora wrongly by adding many comments instead of answering questions directly.

2. The question has been locked by Quora moderation.

3. You have been blocked since you have violated the real name policy.

4. The asked question has been merged with another.

5. Many users have reported your answers to Quora moderators.

6. You are promoting affiliate marketing by posting links in your answers.

7. You mainly have short, sketchy answers. A good answer on Quora should be at least three lines long.

8. You mainly insult people rather than answer questions.

9. You are using an unverified account.

10. You did not properly sign in before browsing Quora.

11. You have been banned from using this app. Therefore, you are set to read-only mode.

12. You are questioning other people’s intelligence instead of answering correctly.

13. You are giving misleading answers. 

Why am I Not Allowed to Ask Questions on Quora?

You are not allowed to ask questions on Quora because you are blocked, suspended, or banned. This is because of the repeated violation of the real name policy and other guidelines.

You can easily submit an appeal to have your Quora account restored to normal.

How Do I Get Permission to Answer on Quora?

As long as your Quora account is verified, you can answer questions that you are more knowledgeable about.

Usually, you must sign in properly when browsing on Quora to enjoy all the rights like asking questions, answering, commenting, and messaging other users.

How Do You Answer Privately on Quora?

You can answer privately by going “anonymous,” which means your identity is hidden. Go to the main menu represented by three dots and click the “Write Anonymous” option to answer privately.

Can I Answer My Own Question on Quora?

Yes, you can answer your own question on Quora. Quora gives users the privilege to answer all the questions they feel like answering.

Therefore, go ahead and answer your question and check the comments from your followers.

Can I Answer on Quora?

Yes, you can answer on Quora, especially those questions you think you are more knowledgeable about. You can tap the answer section that is below the question asked.

You are then directed to a space where you can type your answer and post it.

Why I Cannot Write Answers on Quora?

You cannot write answers on Quora due to these three reasons:

1. Quora has blocked you since you are browsing without signing in.

2. Your account has been suspended or banned. Therefore, you are set to a read-only mode.

3. You are using an unverified account.

Can Anyone Answer Questions on Quora?

Yes, anyone can answer questions on Quora if they are using a verified account. Besides, ensure that you read and understand the platform’s policies to avoid being banned from using this website. Expanding your knowledge on Quora rather than only being a viewer is very important.

Why Has Quora Blocked Me from Answering Questions?

Quora has blocked you from answering questions because of the following five reasons:

1. You have violated the real-name policy. To answer questions on Quora, you must use all of your official names rather than fake ones.

2. Other Quora users must have reported your answers, questions, and comments.

3. You give very short and sketchy answers. Your answers on Quora should at least be three lines and directly answer questions.

4. Breach of terms and conditions in this platform.


Why Can’t I Upvote Answers and Comment Anymore?

You can’t upvote answers and comments because Quora sometimes has many bugs that make the platform not operate normally.

However, this can disappear after a while, but if it lasts longer, you can contact Quora for help. You can also restart your device, which helps refresh your feeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Add an Answer on Quora?

If you can’t add an answer on Quora, it simply means you are blocked by the person who posted that question or temporarily banned. When you are blocked or banned, you are set to a read-only mode. Therefore, you cannot write anything on the platform.

I’m unable to answer questions or write anything on Quora. What is wrong and how can I fix it?

The problem is likely to be that your account is suspended or banned. If this is the case, contact Quora moderators to retrieve your Quora account through moderation@quora.com to submit an appeal. Express yourself in brief and be courteous to make at least Quora consider your request.

Also, the problem could be platform bugs, which delay the system. This is a normal situation whose remedy is simply restarting your device to clear the cache or waiting for a short while, then trying again to ask and answer questions. It is frustrating, but try to compose yourself before you lose it all.

I’m unable to write answers on Quora. The page doesn’t open. What should I do?

It is best to clear cookies and history to create space. Besides, you can also use another browser to help you answer questions on Quora. Restart your device, as this also helps to clear the cache and create a suitable environment for browsing.

If all these processes fail, you must wait some time to let Quora fix the issue. This can be due to a lot of traffic on the platform. Therefore, be patient enough to avoid frustrating yourself.

How do you resolve this Quora issue, “You do not have permission to answer this question”?

If you receive this alert in your Quora account, it means your account has been suspended or banned due to repeatedly ignoring Quora warnings or regular violations of the platform’s policies. Therefore, you have to contact Quora moderators by emailing them at moderation@quora.com to submit your appeal. This process requires patience since Quora takes a while before it responds to its users.

Sometimes, the issue could be platform bugs that prevent users from answering questions. If this is the case, try restarting your device so that Quora can operate normally. If it fails, be patient enough until Quora works on the issue by itself.

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