What Is The Best Voice Dictation Software For Windows 10

If you are looking to improve your productivity with voice dictation, this post will help you find the best Windows 10. With the best software, you can create documents and notes quickly and easily with just your voice alone! You no longer have to worry about typing at all – talk, and it will be transcribed for you instantly!

We have researched and analyzed all of the top voice dictation programs on the market today to provide a comprehensive guide of what is available. Whether you need to dictate notes or create documents, options are available for any scenario!

The best dictation software for Windows 10 Google Docs Voice Typing.

Google docs software is free to use and easy to set up, making it a great option for anyone who needs to take quick notes or create long documents. Plus, the voice recognition software is incredibly accurate, so you can ensure that your text will be properly spelled and formatted. If you’re looking for an efficient and user-friendly dictation software option, Google Docs Voice Typing is the best dictation software free worth considering.

Why Use Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Docs Voice Typing is a powerful tool that can help you save time while typing up documents. This feature allows you to speak into your computer’s microphone and have your words appear on the screen in real-time. There are so many benefits of voice recognition software.

Here are some of the key features of Google Docs Voice Typing that makes it the best choice to use:

1. You can use voice commands to control all aspects of your document, including formatting, spell checking, and more.

2. You can use voice dictation to type up long documents quickly and easily.

3. The software automatically detects speech and converts it into text, so there is no need to worry about punctuation or grammar mistakes.

4. You can also use Google Docs Voice Typing to generate spread

You may also desire to find more interesting facts about voice software.

How To Use Google Docs Voice Typing

The following is a simple process of how to get started with google docs.

Put your microphone in place.

The first step is to ensure that you have a microphone that is both mounted and operational.

Open Google Docs.

After you’ve set up your microphone, open Chrome and go to Google Docs. Alternatively, put docs.new into Chrome’s URL bar to start a new document right away.

Activating Voice Typing

Click Tools > Voice Typing to enable voice typing. In Windows, press Ctrl+Shift+S, and in macOS, press Command+Shift+S.

When you’re ready to dictate, a window with a microphone icon will open; click on it. By clicking and dragging the window anywhere you wish, you can move the tool out of the way.

Note: If you’re using Voice Typing for the first time, you’ll need to give Chrome permission to access your microphone.

If Voice Typing doesn’t immediately load your native tongue, click the three dots and then choose from over 100 languages and dialects in the Language drop-down.

To ensure that the tool understands what you’re saying, speak clearly at your typical voice and cadence. Everything you say now appears in the document’s main body. Make sure you’ve picked the relevant dialect in the languages option if it’s having difficulties comprehending you.

Your voice is processed in real time when you use voice typing. To cease listening, click the microphone once more once you’ve finished speaking.


If you use these sentences, voice typing will even recognize when you want to add punctuation to your document:

  • Exclamation mark
  • Question mark
  • Period
  • New Paragraph
  • Comma
  • New line

For instance, you may remark, “Dictating in Google Docs is simple and enjoyable.” You could even…”
Punctuation is only available in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian.

Use of Voice Commands

The ability to write words and add punctuation isn’t the only benefit of using voice typing. It allows you to format and alter text and paragraphs within your document without needing to utilize the toolbar.

Note that voice commands in Google Docs are only available in English; they are not available in Slides speaker notes. Both the account and the paperwork must be written in English.

If you make a mistake and say something you don’t want to be remembered, press “Erase” or “backspace” to delete the word before the cursor.

Here are some more handy instructions to help you get started with Voice Typing and become more productive:

1. Change font size: Decrease font size, increase font size, font size [6-400], make bigger, make smaller

2. Edit your document: Copy, cut, paste, delete [word or phrase], insert [table of contents, bookmark, equation, footer, header, page break]

3. Move around your document: Go to start/end of [line, paragraph, column, row, document], move to next/previous [character, word, page, column, heading, line, misspelling, paragraph, row]

4. Selecting text: Select [word, phrase, all, next line, next paragraph, next word, last word]

5. Format your document: Apply Heading [1-6], apply normal text, Bold, italicize, italics, underline

6. The amount of voice commands seems to go on forever, but you can get a complete list by pressing the question mark in the tool’s window or uttering “Voice commands list.”

7. Say “Stop listening” after you’ve finished your work and don’t want voice typing to take up any of the words you’re speaking.

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