What Is The Best Voice Changing Software | Free & Paid

The best voice-changing software is the one that changes your voice without any additional work on your part. There are many different types of voices you can change, from a deep male to a high-pitched female.

Voice changers often come with other features such as background removal or noise reduction, making it easier for you to get away with using the software in public.

The only downside to these paid programs is that they require either a subscription or payment after a trial period ends.

3 Best Paid Voice Changing Software

1. Morph VOX

Morph VOX is voice-changing software that allows you to change your voice in real-time. It also includes an audio recorder and text-to-speech, so it’s perfect for recording podcasts or even just messing around with friends. 

It can be used on both PC and Mac computers and most tablets like the iPad. MorphVOX has been downloaded over 500 million times!  This program won’t work on iPhones; however, there are many other applications available through the App Store that may suit your needs better if you’re looking to change your voice on iOS devices.

It has a free trial.

2. All-in-one Voice Changer

You can change your voice mid-conversation with All in One Voice Changer. It features a slide bar that you move either to the left or right and gives access to preview each new pitch until they find their preferred choice, just like some other software on this list does!

You can choose from several types of sounds or import your .wav file with ease! Change to something more suitable when talking over Skype – no one will be able to put their finger on who’s actually behind those accents anymore…

3. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish is a flexible voice-changing platform that can be used to change your voice in any application, including Skype and TeamSpeak. It also alters the output of games like Minecraft or Rocket League by default, so you don’t have to go out of your way just for these specific ones!

The installation process isn’t too tricky, but there are some guides available if needed. Clownfish provides them right on-screen during setup, which makes things more accessible than ever before because who wants bad English when they’re trying to sound cool (literally)?

With such an intuitive interface, I’m not surprised how many people love using this program daily.

5 Free Voice Changing Software

The following are the best free voice changing software:

1. Voxal Voice Changer

2. Virtual Personality+

3. Viscom Voice Changer

4. Voice Master

5. Skype Voice Changer

Once you change your voice for a specific purpose, you need to understand the basics of a voice presentation using voice over that can allow you professionally present your new voice.

Voxal Voice Changer

Enter the world of voice alteration with Voxal Voice Changer, easy-to-use software on both Windows and Mac computers. This free program allows you to change your tone in any application that uses a microphone – from games like Minecraft or World Of Warcraft, where every word counts!

You can even adopt either male or female vocal style at will using many different sound effects for each gender available, including happy talk headshots when playing online dating sims (and who says there has got be only one way).


Virtual Personality+

The Virtual Personality Plus is an internet voice changer that allows you to change your tone of speech. Whether for work or play, this can help provide variety in what people say about themselves when they call you on the phone line!

The pitch and independent frequency controls allow users total flexibility with their desired personality, so there’s no limit to how many different voices are present at one time–24 varieties are all available, including “boy” & “girl,” male/female options.

Viscom Voice Changer

Viscom Store Voice Changer is a free tool that allows you to capture audio from microphones or other devices and change the voice.

The result can be saved as an MP3, WAV file with adjustable settings including pitch changes in real-time; waveform color setting for different tones like pink (highlighted below); adjust bitrate of music composition (range: 128kbps-256Kbit/s), sample rate plus additional features such as changing volume level independent on playback device – all these functions make Viscom store’s channel one powerful software!

Voice Master

You’ll be able to change your voice into an entirely different person with the click of one button! With VoiceMaster, it’s easy for you or anyone else in any situation. Select a new sound file and watch as their gender changes right before them – all without wearing special contacts.

The software also lets users record themselves speaking so that they can create characters from scratch on-the-go

Skype Voice Changer

Skype Voice Changer Pro lets you change the sound of your voice in real-time with various effect options or say anything using an artificial computer-generated accent. You can also replay prerecorded sounds for one person while recording conversations to remember what was said better when it’s too late!

It’s easy enough to use that anyone who has Skype installed on their phone will be able to try this out right now – so go ahead and give it a go!”

4 Best Voice Changer for Android

1. AndroidRock Voice changer

2. Snapchat and TikTok

3. Voice mode Clips

4. Baviux Voice Changer


Voice Changing Software can be used for many purposes, including making prank phone calls and recording audio to change the sound of a person’s voice in post-production. Choosing voice-changing software depends on your needs. Free voice changer software generally offers basic features to get you started. However, for a more advanced version, consider getting paid software.

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