What is Edit Block in Quora? How Long Does it Last? (Explained!)

Editing your content is important in creating high-quality content on any platform. Besides, if you’re a frequent Quora user, you’ve probably noticed the “edit” block under each question. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what the edit block is and how it can be used. We’ll also discuss some best practices for using the editing block effectively.

An edit block in Quora means a user cannot edit any question, answer, or comment on this platform. It restricts you to a read-only mode since it allows you to go through the posts on this platform freely. The edit block also allows a user to upvote and accept posts to your blog.

The edit block is usually executed for users who have done the following nine things:

1. Vandalize content on this platform so that any individual can edit it.

2. Repeatedly violating the Be Nice and Be Respectful Policy on their questions, answers, and comments.

3. Violation of real name policy.

4. Regularly posting questions and answers that are not helpful.

5. Giving misleading content.

6. Questioning people’s intelligence in your answers, comments, and questions.

7. Using an unverified Quora account.

8. Ignoring Quora warnings.

9. Posting short and sketchy answers.

It is important to carefully read and understand Quora policies to be on the safe side. Ignorance will only lead to bans and blocks, making your Quora experience miserable. Explore this platform by asking and answering as many questions as possible in a more knowledgeable manner. 

Why is Quora Blocking Me?

Quora is blocking you because you have constantly been violating Quora’s policies and ignoring warnings being sent to you. When Quora blocks you, you will be set to a read-only mode where you cannot edit any question, answer, or comment.

A Quora block makes this platform less enjoyable; thus, strive not to get a block.

How Long Does an Edit Block Last on Quora?

An edit block on Quora can last for at least a day, a week, or longer than six months. Users cannot edit any answers, questions, or comments on Quora within this period. It limits you, making Quora less enjoyable.

Hence, it would be best if you took heed of the platform’s policies to avoid getting edit blocks.

If Quora Moderation Blocks a Quoran from Editing, Is That Permanent or for a Time Period?

It is for a time period because after the block is lifted, a Quoran can start editing answers and comments like before without any limitations. This editing block can last for a day, two weeks, a month, or even six months. Therefore, it is a temporary situation that can be resolved.

How Long is a Quora Ban?

A temporary ban and an edit block can last for two weeks, while a permanent ban lasts forever. You cannot regain your account after a permanent ban since you severely broke Quora policies.

You can easily submit an appeal if you feel like Quora has banned your account for no valid reason.

How Does It Feel to Be Banned from Quora?

It is frustrating to get banned from Quora, especially when you cannot retrieve your account after submitting an appeal. This forces you to start from scratch, which is stressful, especially when trying to get other followers.

Sometimes, you will have to move on and find other platforms where you can ask and answer questions.

How Does Quora Moderation Make Decisions About Edit-Blocks and Bans?

Quora moderation makes decisions about edit blocks and bans by going through the content posted on this platform to ensure users’ questions, answers, and comments are resourceful.

Usually, the Quora moderation team executes edit blocks and bans when:

1. Users post questions, answers, and comments that are not helpful in any way.

2. Users vandalize content on the site that is editable by any person.

3. One engages in one or more actions that repeatedly violate the Be Nice, Be Respect Policy on their questions, answers, and comments.

4. They ignore Quora warnings by repeating the same old mistakes.

5. A user repeatedly violates the general Quora policy.

How To Appeal Concerning Edit-Blocks and Bans Decisions ?

You can appeal this decision by following this five-step procedure:

1. Click on the notification sent to you by the Quora Moderation Team.

2. Select the “Appeal” option.

3. Choose a topic that best describes your issue.

4. Submit your appeal.

5. Wait for the response from Quora. Note that this takes some time.

You can also submit your appeal by emailing Quora at Moderation@quora.com. Explain your issue briefly and politely to convince Quora to give you back your account in good working condition.

How Do I Appeal a Quora Moderation Decision?

Follow this five-step procedure to appeal a Quora moderation decision:

1. Tap the notification sent to you by Quora Moderation Team.

2. Click on the “Appeal” option.

3. Select the topic that perfectly describes your issue.

4. Submit your appeal.

5. Wait for the response from Quora Moderation Team. Note that this may take a while before Quora responds; therefore, exercise patience.


1. Go to your Quora app.

2. Click on your Quora profile icon.

3. Click on the “More” option at the bottom, denoted by three dots.

4. Tap on the “Help” option.

5. Submit your request by clicking on the “Contact Us” option.

Why Were You Edit Blocked?

The following are five reasons why you were edit blocked:

1. You have repeatedly ignored Quora warnings by repeating the same old mistakes.

2. Usually, you post affiliate links in your account, promoting spam.

3. Violation of real name policy.

4. You have been asking insincere questions, thus going against Quora answer guidelines.

5. You have been harassing other users with your comments.

6. You are using an unverified Quora account.

7. You did not sign in properly before you began browsing.

8. Continuous violation of Quora policy.

Quora Customer Service Phone Number

You can text or WhatsApp Quora using this phone number: +1 (803) 216-5979. You will explain the issues you are facing with your account in brief, and they will respond to you within a short while. This customer service helps Quora users tackle their issues without strain.

You can also email the Quora Moderation team through moderation@quora.com to submit your Quora appeal in case you violated Quora’s spam policy. Quora tech support has covered every user as you can self-serve yourself in the comfort of your seat.

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