Is Quora Waste of Time? How Useful Is Quora? (Answered!)

Are you curious to know if Quora is a waste of time? Worry less, as you have come to the right place. This blog post will walk you through the answer to this question in a detailed manner and provide other information about Quora that you may be interested in. Stay tuned!  

Quora is a good use of time as it is a medium that gives you knowledge of various things across all genres. You can easily set aside time for Quora without putting off other important things.

Time spent on Quora is worthwhile because you gain a lot, as opposed to other social media platforms where you waste your time and gain nothing. Besides, Quora has the most accurate information that you may need in your day-to-day life. Once you are stacked with something, you can easily ask a question and get different answers that will give you additional ideas.

Get yourself a Quora account today and enjoy all the privileges. But you must follow the rules and regulations if you don’t want to get suspended or banned and lose your account. Indeed, Quora is the safest place for all individuals who are willing to grow their knowledge and brands.

Is Quora Reliable Source?

Yes, Quora is a reliable source of information. However, sometimes it may have inaccurate information, but at least it gives you different ideas and views of a certain concept.

Besides, you can use this platform to socialize, brand building, etc.

What Is Quora Good for?

Quora is good for asking and answering questions. So, it is a place where different users can share their ideas and help the world’s knowledge grow.

It also helps build a company’s awareness through advertisements.

How Does Quora Work?

This is a platform that any person can easily use. All you have to do is create an account and register with Quora. Once your account is verified, you can freely ask and answer questions.

You must, however, follow the platform’s rules and regulations to avoid suspensions and bans that could cause you to lose your account for good.

Who Actually Uses Quora?

All genders above 13 years old use Quora. Most of the users are youth, who comprise 58% of the total users.

Also, people socialize on this platform by interacting by asking and answering questions.

What Kind of Site Is Quora?

Quora is a social media platform that specializes in asking and answering questions. It is one of the most reliable sites with accurate information that helps grow knowledge.

Besides, it helps build brands of businesses.

Can You Chat with People on Quora?

Yes, you can chat with people on Quora by sending messages to one another. To message Quora users, consider using the following procedure:

1. Visit the profile of the user that you want to message.

2. Click on the three dots below their name and amp.

3. Tap on the message link in the drop-down menu.

4. Then type your message.

5. Click “ok” to send the message to the other user.  

Can Quora Users See Who Viewed their Profile?

Yes, Quora users can see the person who viewed their profile. You can, however, hide your view so that other users are unaware that you have viewed their profile.

Note that once you obscure your view, you cannot see the views of the other users.

Do You Have to Use Your Real Name on Quora?

Yes, you have to use your official name on Quora. This is important as it makes the platform look professional.

Once Quora discovers that you are using a fake name, you may be suspended until you prove your real identity.

Is Quora Safe from Hackers?

Yes, Quora is safe from hackers, as it does not give hackers tools to commit fraud. Quora protects all its users to ensure smooth and explicit use of this platform.

Furthermore, to reduce fraud, it is best not to link all vital information about yourself on your profile.

Can Quora be Hacked?

No, Quora cannot be easily hacked, as this platform does not provide the tools needed by hackers. Similarly, Quora uses your IP address to monitor every user’s activity and does not create any room for hackers.

So then, how safe is Quora from hackers? Well, Quora is a safe platform from hackers because it does not display sensitive information about a user.

Besides, it is a non-paying platform; therefore, hackers cannot get access to people’s financial accounts. In the end, Quora is safe from hackers, as it does not give hackers any tools to commit fraud.

How to Be Safe on Quora

If you want to be safe on Quora, avoid displaying too much information about yourself. Too much information about yourself and where you live can significantly threaten you, as it facilitates room for hackers and destroyers.

It is also good to practice cybersecurity routines to be safer.

Is Quora Safe for Kids?

Yes, Quora is safe for kids but only under tight supervision. Usually, Quora is an all-rounded platform for people of all ages.

Supervising your kids when they log in to this platform is essential to prevent them from seeing adult content.  

Is Quora a Secure Site?

Yes, Quora is a secure site for all users. However, it will only be safer for children below 13 years with adult supervision. Similarly, it is a site with reliable sources of information as people freely ask and answer questions.

The exchange of ideas helps encourage the growth of knowledge globally.

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