Is Pro Tools Better than Garageband? Surprising Facts

There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to the question of “which is better, Pro Tools or Garageband?” Some people swear by Pro Tools, while others find Garageband to be just as good, if not better. So, which one should you choose for your music production needs? In this blog post, we will compare and contrast both programs to make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

Garageband is better than Pro Tools. Garageband offers more creative freedom than Pro Tools. The Pro Tools first limitation is its 16 tracks. The limit of 16 tracks is a significant drawback, as it means you cannot create large-scale projects with ease or use many instruments at once without having them layered beneath each other track wisely speaking. On the other hand, Garageband offers you 32 tracks, and you can do a lot from these tracks.

Pros of Garageband Over Pro Tools

  1. Garageband is free while all Pro Tools are paid.
  2. Garageband is more user friendly compared to Pro Tools.
  3. With Garageband, you can save all your work on your hard drive. On the contrary, with Pro Tools, you can only save it on the cloud.
  4. It’s easy to get started with Garageband as a beginner compared to using Pro Tools

Cons of Garageband

1. Not Famous for A Few Professionals

Pro Tools is the industry standard for professional audio work. Studios and post-production houses across town know how to navigate a Pro tools session, but if you’re just getting started, it might be worth looking into Garageband. However, some influential professionals swear by Garageband and use the software for all their production works.

Do Professionals Use GarageBand?

Yes, professionals use GarageBand. The use of Garageband is not limited to just amateurs. Many professional music producers and singers use this software. Moreover, Garageband can be installed on all your Apple devices, making it a very versatile DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for production purposes. Also, the professionals use other apps or plugins for Garageband to make the best use of its potential.

What Artists Use GarageBand?

Several famous people use Garageband. Some of the popular artists who use Garageband as well as an example of the hit music they produced using Garageband include but are not limited to:

  • Rihanna (Umbrella)
  • T-Pain (Rappa Ternt Sanga)
  • Radiohead (In Rainbows)
  • Steve Lacy “Damn” and “Ego Death”
  • George Pringle (Salon des Refusés)
  • Nine Inch Nails (The Hand That Feeds)
  • Justice (Cross)

Is GarageBand Good for Vocals?

Yes, GarageBand is good for vocals. You will need to invest in some necessary equipment if you want the quality of your recording to be up there, compared to the best singer-songwriters out there. However, it’s possible to do vocals using Garageband built-in speaker but don’t expect optimal results. Get other quality equipment, apps, and plugins, among others.

Equipment to Optimize Your Garageband for Vocals

Two popular equipment you need for vocals include:
1) Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface
The Scarlett interfaces are some of the best on the market and are perfect for singer-songwriters. The two inputs allow you to record vocals and an instrument simultaneously or overdub tracks one at a time.

2) Audio Technica AT 2035 Condenser Microphone
This mic is a great all-around option, especially for home studios. It’s versatile and can handle a variety of sounds, from vocals to guitars and percussion. Plus, it’s affordable without sacrificing quality.

Is GarageBand Good for Making Beats?

Yes, Garageband is great for making beats. With Garageband, you can make your beats for free. Apple Loops, plug-ins, and samples will help take the production process even further. You’ll have access to hundreds of instruments alongside time quantization automation panning drumming & pitch correction, too – all in one place with no cost whatsoever.

10 Reasons Why GarageBand Is Good for Making Beats

Apart from Garageband being free, the following are ten reasons why the software is famous for making beats:

1. It has pitch correction capability by auto-tuning

2. Drummer tracker gives you chances to make your music better

3. Panning allows you to make your music amazing

4. Automation is possible and great for bulk production without compromising quality

5. Its library allows you to download a wide range of MIDI instruments

6. Time quantizer enables you to create harmony in your music

7. You can adjust the tempo and time of your tracks using the flex function

8. You can optimize Apple Loops

9. AUSampler makes your sampling easier

10. You can install several plugins to make the software better and meet your needs

How Do I Use GarageBand Like a Pro?

The following are five tips on how to use Garageband like a pro

1. Use Simple Keyboard Commands

There are some simple keyboard commands that you can use to improve your GarageBand experience. Here are a few of them: CMD + Z (Undo), CMD + SHIFT + Z (Redo), and Spacebar (Play/Pause). These simple commands will give you more flexibility in using the program, and they will allow you to create music that is more pleasing to your ears.

2. Use Time-Saving Templates

One of the best ways to save time using GarageBand is to use templates. There are various templates that you can choose from, and they will allow you to create music in a fraction of the time that it would typically take.

3. Use the Smart Controls feature

One of the best features in GarageBand is its “Smart Controls”. This feature allows you to customize your sound with various settings, including bass, treble, and even reverb. You can also use this feature to adjust the volume of individual tracks or entire songs.

4. Experiment with Different Sounds

GarageBand allows you to experiment with different sounds. You can try out different instruments and create your sounds by using the software’s built-in synthesizers. This will allow you to come up with genuinely unique music.

5. Practice Your Skills

GarageBand also allows you to record your vocals and instruments. Recording features can be used for solo performances, or they can be used to create backing tracks for other musicians. By using the recording feature, you will improve your music skills and hone your craft.

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