Is 27-Inch 1080p Good for Gaming? 27-Inch Vs. 24-Inch Monitors

While gaming, you would like to get completely immersed in enjoying the entire activity. However, to achieve that, there is a very crucial need for you to get the appropriate gadgets that will deliver the entire experience. Usually, gaming display devices come in different sizes and resolutions. However, you need to choose among the best-sized and best-resolution displays. Now, that brings us to the question: is the 27-inch 1080p good for gaming? Keep reading to find out more about that.

No, the 27-inch 1080p is not suitable for gaming. While gaming on it, there will be some diminishing pixels over 20-24”. This, however, doesn’t mean that it won’t be usable. It can be suitable for general usage provided it has decent blacks and response. For gaming, however, it is not suitable. Therefore, you should opt for a smaller screen, 1440 for a 27”. With this, you can be sure of it having much better density.

Below are two reasons why the 27-inch 1080p is not good for gaming:

1.Unsuitable for Higher Resolution Content

1080p is unsuitable for higher resolution content. For instance, some games come with high resolution and are of high quality. While playing such games, there is a higher possibility that the games may not be that smooth. As a result, it would be best to get one that is favorable for gaming.

2. Poor Image Clarity

Usually, the size affects clarity. 1080p is said not to be suitable for screens above 24 inches. When gaming on 1080p on a 27-inch, you are more likely to achieve poor image clarity. So, if you want to use 1080p, it would be best to use a smaller screen size than 24-inches.

What Is Better for Gaming: A 27-Inch or 24-Inch Monitor? 

The debate about which is better between a 24-inch monitor and a 27-inch monitor keeps going repeatedly. Here are six comparisons between them:

1. Resolution Options

In the case of a 24-inch monitor, it usually features a resolution of 1080p. Therefore, this type of resolution is not suitable for gamers since a higher resolution may end up slowing things down.

Many of the 27-inch monitors are always available with 4K resolution or 1440p. This means there is a good graphics display, so you will achieve a better-quality gaming experience. However, a 27-inch monitor is what gamers should prioritize.

2. Room Considerations

It would be best to check on your room before getting the 24 or 27-inch monitor. That will help with visibility since you need to move away from the screen to have that clear view. For instance, if you use a 27-inch monitor display, you will require a larger room and a larger desk.

For the sake of a 24-inch monitor, a small desk and a small room will work fine. So, room consideration is a very fundamental part of the entire choice.

3. Universal Compatibility

Many games are usually tested with a 24-inch display. This becomes a future advantage since, when playing games over it, there will be fewer chances of experiencing gaming hiccups.

However, this doesn’t mean gaming on a 27-inch will have issues. No, that is not the case. Since a 24-inch monitor is easy to get, it adds to its universal compatibility feature.

4. Cost

When purchasing something, cost has a significant impact. Looking closely, 24-inch displays are cheaper compared to their counterparts at 27-inches. So, suppose you don’t have enough money. In that case, you might consider beginning with a smaller one before upgrading to a larger one. However, this doesn’t mean that a smaller screen will not work fine.

5. Installation

In terms of installation, you will realize that it is easy and straightforward to install a 24-inch compared to its counterpart, the 27-inch. Usually, it is easy for a 24-inch since it is small and easy to handle. Its counterpart, however, is larger and more complex to install.

6. Field of View

A smaller screen has a better and wider field of view than a larger one. For instance, 24-inches is better off compared to 27-inches in terms of field of view. Also, with a 24-inch, you can be sure of clarity in text and a greater pixel density. So, getting yourself a smaller screen is what you should consider the most.

Is 27 Monitor Too Big?

Yes. A 27-inch monitor is too big. This means that it is simply too big for 1920×1080. The monitor, however, gives you that cool gaming experience and makes you feel fully immersed in the entire game.

How Far Away Should Sit From a 27-inch Monitor 1080p?

Typically, it would help if you sat 3.4 to 3.6 ft away from your screen to get that clear view. The distance, however, varies depending on the resolution.

What Monitor Do Pro Gamers Use?

Pro gamers usually use 24-inch monitors while gaming. In terms of their use and production quality, they find smaller screens better than larger ones.

Is 27 Inch Too Big for 1080p?

No, 27 inches is not too big for 1080p. 1080p will work fine on 27” and 28”. However, if it is extended for usage to 32”, the image quality will suffer too much. Therefore, you should use it on compatible screens to achieve that excellent quality.

Get yourself a 27-inch 1080p 144hz monitor at any gaming store and enjoy the entire gaming experience using it. All you have to do is to take the initiative to purchase it, and you are good to go.

27-inch 1080p vs. 1440p

In 1440p, the resolution offers around 108 pixels per inch compared to 1080p, where the resolution offers roughly 81 ppl. Also, a 27-inch 1080 monitor will have blurry details compared to the 1440 variant.

Is 1080p Good for Gaming

Is a 1080p monitor good enough? Yes. 1080p is considered to be generally suitable for gaming. However, it needs to be used with a smaller screen size to improve performance. 1080p on a 27-inch monitor won’t work that well compared to a 24-inch monitor.

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