How To Record Internal Audio On Windows 10 Audacity Easily

If you are looking for a way to record the sound from your computer, then look no further. In this post, we will show you how to record internal audio on windows 10 audacity. It’s a simple process that takes only a few minutes and can be done by anyone!

 Audacity is free, open-source software that allows you to record audio for free. Its easy-to-use Audacity and very convenient.

This is how to record internal audio on Windows 10 using Audacity easily:

Step 1: For Windows 10/11, download and install the Audacity audio program.

Step 2: Launch Audacity from your desktop (or audacity.exe from the zip file if you downloaded the portable version) once it’s been installed.

Step 3: Select “Windows WASAPI” from the first drop down choice on the left in the Audacity window.

Step 4: Select your presently active speaker/headphone device from the following drop-down option (if you have multiple sound output devices).

Note that the recorder will only capture sounds heard by the specified speaker/headphone device. It would be best if you chose the proper speaker.

Step 5: Begin playing sounds from any source you like. To begin recording, click the Recording button (Red dot button) in Audacity.

Step 6: If you wish to stop recording, use the Stop button (square button).

Step 7: Click the Play button to listen to the audio you’ve just captured before exporting it (the green play button).

Step 8: To save the audio, go to File > Export, choose the audio file type you want. Click Save after navigating to the location where you want the file to be saved.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the recording and creation of an audio file on your computer!

In case you experience a poor audio quality in your file, worry not. You can easily fix audio distortion.


Recording audio on your computer is a great way to capture those moments that can’t be seen. Whether it’s for personal use or as part of business, having an app like Audacity allows you to create and edit digital recordings with ease. Hopefully, this article has been helpful. Goodluck

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