How To Record Audio On PC Without Microphone The Easiest Way

If you’re a blogger, podcaster or just have a lot of thoughts that need to be shared with the world, then you know how important it is to have at your disposal a reliable way to record audio. Especially when on-the-go and without access to computer microphones.

It’s easy enough for some people (those with fancy equipment) but others might not know where to start. So here are some great ways on how you can easily record audio on your PC without using microphones.

Step 1: Navigate to “Hardware and Sounds” in the Control Panel. Then select “Sound.” Now you’ll see the sound dialog box.

Step 2: Go to the recordings tab now. Enable the stereo mix option by right-clicking on it. If you have any other microphones, turn them off.

Step 3: Right-click on the stereo mix and select properties from the drop-down menu. Set the stereo mix level to 50 by going to the “levels” tab. This will aid in the recording of sound without distortion.

Step 4:  dismiss the properties window, click Ok, then OK again to exit the sound dialog box.

Step 5: Now, take out your sound recorder and start recording. In Windows 10, there is an app named “Voice Recorder,” or you may download other apps from the Windows Store.

Step 6: Play the sound at its highest level and press the record button. Once the recording is finished, turn off the stereo mix. Re-enable the microphones that have been deactivated (if any).

Congrats! That it, very easy.

In case you get some distortion in your audio, you can always fix audio distortion easily.


The article has provided you with the necessary information to record audio on your PC without a microphone. It is important for people who work in different fields, including musicians and teachers, to have knowledge of how this process works so they can use it when needed. I hope that my post was helpful for you!

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