How Long is a Follow Jail on Tiktok and What Should You Do?

Tiktok introduced jails, suspensions, blocks, and bans to maintain their app in good shape. Besides, this is always for the benefit of Tiktok users since it ensures that every user is protected against harmful behavior that may affect a person physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. Therefore, adhering to the Tiktok rules is essential to avoid losing your account.

A follow jail on Tiktok has no exact lasting time since it depends on the number of times you exceed the following limit. A follow jail on Tiktok may last for a few minutes, hours, or even days. There is always an error message sent to your Tiktok account that will notify you that you are in a follow jail.

What to Do After Having a Follow Jail

What you should do after having a follow jail in your Tiktok account is to wait for the message to be lifted. Then, you can proceed with your following trends. It is best to be patient since you have to wait it out for a few minutes or more, depending on the number of times you have received the error.

Besides, if the message is lifted, avoid following a bunch of new people immediately since you may be blocked for a long time.

Is There a Follow Limit on Tiktok?

There is no exact following limit on Tiktok. However, Tiktok recommends users not follow more than 30 users per hour. If you exceed this number, you may receive an error message which shows you are already in a follow jail.

How to Test Your Follow Limit on Tiktok

Perhaps you want to know your specific follow limit on Tiktok to avoid the follow jail, but have no idea how to go about it. Here is how you can test your follow limit on Tiktok:

Step 1: Go to your Tiktok app and navigate to the list of accounts that you may want to follow.

Step 2: Follow as many users as possible.

Step 3: You will receive the “you are following too fast” error.

Step 4: Try following other users again until the error message is gone.

Step 5: Repeat the whole procedure.

Step 6: Count the duration of the block each time.

This is the easiest way to know your following limit on Tiktok without straining your nerves. Besides, it would help if you did this in your free time to avoid interfering with your schedule.

Why Did I Get the Follow Jail on Tiktok?

You got the follow jail on Tiktok because you exceeded the following limit and followed various accounts within a short while. Tiktok imposes follow jail on users to reduce spam, bots, and automation on their app. This follow jail is always temporary.

Besides, you can also be blocked on Tiktok when you try to unfollow many users at once. This unfollow strategy should not be abused to avoid being blocked. If you want to unfollow users, do not exceed the limit.

How to Prevent Follow Jail on Tiktok

You can avoid the follow jail on Tiktok by doing the following three things:

1. Ensure that You Follow No More than 30 Users in an Hour

Avoid Tiktok’s suspicion that you are a bot. It is best to avoid following more than 30 Tiktok users in an hour. This Tiktok guideline helps create the following boundaries in this app. Following many users at once creates suspicions of fraud and other illegal activities, which may lead you to follow jail.

2. Avoid Using Automation

The Tiktok algorithm can easily detect automation and immediately block you from following users. Automation is therefore not recommended when trying to follow users in this app. Besides, automation is against Tiktok’s rules, and any violations may lead to suspensions or permanent bans.

3. Ensure You Follow Users in Intervals

Always have an interval of following users on Tiktok, for example, following one person every six minutes. These intervals will help prevent any form of suspicion in Tiktok. You will follow your desired number of people without any difficulties of follow jail.

How Do You Know If You’re in Tiktok Jail?

If you’re in Tiktok jail, you will receive a notification from the app indicating that you are in Tiktok jail due to violating specific Tiktok Community Guidelines. Furthermore, you will be restricted from doing many things in your account, such as being blocked from following users, not uploading videos on your Tiktok account, and only viewing videos but not able to comment on any post.

Tiktok jail is never exciting and can make your moments dull. This is because what you were privileged to do can no longer be done; therefore, your Tiktok life becomes monotonous. Ensure you strictly follow the Tiktok rules, since abusing them will only lead to unfortunate things on your app.

Why Can’t I Follow Anymore on Tiktok?

For the following five reasons, you cannot follow anymore on Tiktok:

1. You are in a Follow Jail

When you are in a follow jail, you cannot follow users anymore on Tiktok. This is because you have exceeded the following limit on Tiktok, which has led to a temporary block. To avoid follow jail, ensure you follow users at a specific interval.

2. Poor Network Connections

Tiktok is an online social media platform that requires a good network connection to operate. Perhaps you have a poor network connection, which is why you cannot follow more users.

3. Accumulated or Corrupted Tiktok Cache

When the Tiktok cache accumulates and gets corrupted, it interferes with the regular operation of your app. The Tiktok cache may stop you from following people on Tiktok. To enhance your app, you can clear your Tiktok cache using the easiest method possible.

4. Failure to Update Your Tiktok App

You cannot follow anymore on Tiktok due to your Tiktok app. Updating your app helps your Tiktok have up-to-date features, which allows you to follow as many users as possible. Consider updating your Tiktok app to avoid such issues.

5. Poor Tiktok Servers

Tiktok relies on servers to deliver services to its Tiktok users. If there is faultiness in the Tiktok servers, the following feature of your app may become unusable; thus, you cannot follow it anymore.

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