How Can I Recover My Old Quora Account? 5 Simple Ways Explained!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably set up several Quora accounts over the years. Perhaps you began by using your email address but later decided to create a separate account for work-related inquiries. Presumably, you created a new account after discovering your old one had been compromised.

Whatever the reason, losing track of your old Quora accounts is simple, but recovering them is difficult. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the steps of regaining access to your old Quora account.

Below are five ways you can use to recover your old Quora account:

1. Submit an Appeal

Perhaps your account is banned due to violating Quora’s guidelines or by mistake. It is best to submit an appeal so that you can recover your account.

Follow these five steps to submit an appeal to Quora:

1. Click on the notification sent to you by Quora showing your account has been banned.

2. Click on the “Appeal” option.

3. Choose your preferred topic.

4. Click on “Submit an Appeal.”

5. Wait for Quora to respond to your appeal. They may take a while to respond; therefore, exercise patience.

2. Reset Your Password by Email

Sometimes, you may lose your account username and password. Do not worry, as there is a solution for this. Try resetting your password using your email to recover your old account.

You can also test different emails and other login types to successfully get your old Quora account, especially if you lost the username and password.

3. Changing Your Password

Changing your password is very important, especially when your account has been hacked and controlled by unknown personnel. This will help you recover your old account in good working conditions.

4. Contacting Quora

Sometimes, you may be trying to recover your old account, yet the process is not working out as expected.

You have the option of contacting Quora using this phone number (800) 952- 5210 or emailing them through Explain your issue in brief to avoid delays.

5. Log into Your Quora Account Within 14 Days of Deletion

Another way of recovering your old account after deleting it is by logging in within 14 days. Within this period, you can still get access to your questions, answers, and comments.

Once these days are over, your account will be gone for good, and you will not be able to recover it. Hence, it is usually advised to deactivate your account rather than delete it.

How Can I Recover My Quora Account?

If you want to recover your Quora account efficiently, contact Quora Tech Support through:

Text: +1 (803) 216- 5979.

WhatsApp: +1 (803) 216- 5979.

Email Address:

Quora Customer Service Phone Number

If you want to contact Quora, consider using the following phone numbers:

  • (800) 952- 5210
  • (916) 445- 1254
  • (800) 326-2297
  • (916) 322-1700

Quora Contact Email

Email address:

Can I Reclaim an Account I Deleted on Quora?

Yes, you can reclaim an account you deleted on Quora within 14 days of its deletion. This will help you access data that was previously on your account on Quora, such as comments, answers, and questions.

Reclaiming your account after deleting the past 14 days is quite impossible since it cannot be undeleted.

Can I Undelete My Quora Account?

You can log in to your Quora account within 14 days of the deletion to help you get your account back. If you fail to access your account within this period, you will not be able to undelete your Quora account; thus, you will lose everything, including all your posts, subscribers, and much more. If you are unsure what to do with your Quora account, it is best to deactivate it rather than delete it completely.

How Can I Recover My Deleted Quora Account?

Recovering a deleted account after 14 days of deletion is impossible. This is because all the data has been lost, and nothing is left.

However, if you change your mind within 14 days of deletion, try to log in to your account once more, as you will get access to all your data. This helps prevent starting from scratch, which may take a while to pick.

What Happens to a Deleted Account?

It removes all the information from the public view, including your questions, answers, comments, bio, profile picture, blog posts, etc. Once you delete your account, you can no longer access any information.

Therefore, do not rush to delete your account because you may end up regretting thus if you are not sure about your account; you can deactivate it as this is the safest way for your Quora account.

How Do I Find My Quora Username?

If you want to find your Quora username, consider using this procedure:

1. Log into your Quora account by keying in your password and email.

2. Navigate to your profile page.

3. Click on the page.

4. You will see your name and bio.

How Can I Know My Quora Email ID?

This is simple, as you can easily know your Quora email ID by following the below steps:

1. Go to your Quora app on your device.

2. Log into your account by typing in your email address and password.

3. Navigate to your profile icon.

4. Click on the “Settings” option.

5. Click on “Privacy.”

6. Select your email address.

7. Check your email ID.

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