Does Windows 7 Have Audio Recording Software

If you’re looking into getting started with audio recording for free, then Windows 7 is one option worth considering.  Internal sound recorder windows 7 makes this process easier than ever before.

The world of audio recording has seen a lot of changes in recent years. New formats and tools allow for an increased level of creativity, but some people might find it challenging to use these programs without support from experts who can teach them how best utilize all that’s available on offer today.

So, does windows 7 have audio recording software? Yes. The best free audio recording software for windows 7 is named Sound Recorder which is an in-built application.

All that’s required are a microphone, sound-card quality playback equipment and an audio capable device like a laptop or desktop computer with built-in mic/webcam capabilities–no other special hardware needed at all really.

You need a high-quality microphone to have great sounding recordings. Plug it in, adjust the volume until it’s just below where you want it for recording then start talking. Microsoft sound recorder windows 7 will record your audio.

Launching Sound Recorder In Windows 7 For Free

As a beginner you may need guidance to get started with Sound Recorder. Sound recorder windows 7 download is available online including in the Microsoft website. However, you can still access it on your device right now.

This is how to launch Sound Recorder in window 7:

Method 1

Step 1: Go to Start (you can click the windows icon on your keyboard)

Step 2: Go to All Programs

Step 3: Select Accessories

Step 4: Choose Sound Recorder

Method 2

In the Start Menu search box, type the term Sound. Click Sound Recorder in the Programs section of the search results.

The Sound Recorder window is small, simple and straightforward. It will appear on your screen as soon as you launch it.

Using Windows 7 Audio Recording Software

Below is a complete guide of how to start, stop, resume, and save your audio recording using Sound Recorder.

a. Start Audio Recording

You can know if the microphone is working properly as soon as you start the Sound Recorder. If sound is detected, the green sound bar will move in accordance with the sound’s volume.

If there is no movement, make sure the microphone is plugged in and functional. Press the Start Recording button after the microphone is set up and operating.

The duration of the recording is indicated by the timer in the centre of the Sound Recorder window while you are recording.

b. Stop Audio Recording

Press Stop Recording when you’re ready to end the recording.

c. Save Audio Recording

You must now select a place for your recording as well as a file name. The file type is Windows Media Audio, and the default file extension is wma.

This application does not support any other file extensions. As a result, if you wish to save your recordings as mp3 files, you’ll need to convert them using another tool.

You can add information about the contributing performers and the album title to each recording. If there is any benefit to you in doing so, you should fill out these sections.

When you’re finished, hit the Save button to save the recording.

In case your sound recording is not as you desired maybe it has some kind of annoying noise or rumble or bump, you do not need to redo. You simply need to fix your audio distortion based on source of distortion you are experiencing.

d. Resume Audio Recording

Do not hit Save if you wish to resume the recording. Instead, click or touch Cancel.

You may now resume recording by pressing the Resume Recording button.

This will pick up where you left off with the recording.

Just in case you encounter more technical problems with your sound recording software for windows, you need to know how to fix audio recording software to be able to continue with your task.

Convert WMA Audio Recording to MP3 for Free

Now you know how to do audio recording in windows 7 using Sound Record. However, the audio format save is WMA.

I believe you may wish to understand how to convert your recording to MP3 which is a popular format that is compatible with most devices.

To convert WMA to MP3, you only need to access Windows Media Player which is an inbuilt application on your window.

This is how to convert WMA to MP3:

Step 1: Access your media file and open it with Windows Media Player.

Step 2: Click on Tools.

Step 3: Select Options

Step 4: Go to Rip Music tab.

Step 5: Choose MP3 as the Format and the place to which you wish to extract songs. After that, press OK to continue.

Step 6: After that, press OK to continue


Windows 7 has a built-in sound recorder that you can use for capturing audio. This is helpful if your computer doesn’t have any other audio recording software installed and you need to capture some audio files without downloading anything else. Sound recorder is free to use if you are operating on a tight budget. Also, you need to convert your recorded WMA audio to MP3 using Windows Media Player.

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