Does Windows 10 Have Audio Recording Software

Windows 10 has a lot of advanced and innovative features that will help you to be more productive. Besides, Windows 10 can help you record your work without having to purchase expensive software.

Voice recording has become an important part of the modern artist’s toolkit. It is often used to capture sounds that are difficult or impossible to recreate in a studio environment, but it can also be employed as a means of documenting fieldwork for sound art projects.

Does windows 10 have audio recording software? Yes. Voice recorder app a free in-built audio recording software for windows 10. This app helps you record your voice and then do many different things with it, like edit one’s own speech or convert it into text. This the Windows sound recorder application can create recordings using these 3 inputs: Mic/Line In, Microphone Mixer (multiple mic sources), and Line In (from another system).

This built-in audio recorder software for windows 10 is perfect for recording songs, any audio, or podcasts with a high-quality digital recorder while you perform. You can also add effects like echo and noise suppression by clicking on Effects before clicking Record.

The Windows 10 version also supports audio files in .wav format, which can be edited using other software such as Audacity record computer audio windows 10.

In case your sound recording is not as you desired maybe it has some kind of annoying noise or rumble or bump, you do not need to redo. You simply need to fix your audio distortion based on source of distortion you are experiencing.

This post will give insights on how to use this app for recording needs and editing purposes on your laptop or desktop computer, and provides some tips on improving the quality of your recordings.

Guide To Using Windows 10 Voice Recorder App

Windows Voice Recorder is a simple but effective program that comes per-installed with Windows. You can use it to record audio directly from your computer’s microphone, trim unwanted bits at either end of the recording in its rudimentary editor and listen back for mistakes without having to spend time finding them.

This is how to use voice recorder windows 10:

Step 1: Connect a microphone to your computer if it isn’t built in before you start Windows Voice Recorder.

Step 2: Make sure the microphone is selected as the primary recording device. Select Settings from the Start menu, which is represented by a gear-shaped symbol.

Step 3: Type Sound into the Windows Settings search box and hit Enter. Select Sound Settings from the search results.

Step 4: Select your microphone from the input device drop-down option in the Input section, then exit the Settings window.

Step 5: From the Start menu, select Windows Voice Recorder. It should be installed automatically, but if it isn’t, you may get it from the Microsoft Store where to can get a link to Voice recorder windows 10 download free.

Step 6: To start recording, select the Record icon on the left side of the screen.

When you initially use Voice Recorder or if you haven’t made any previous voice recordings, the Record icon may shift to the center of the window in some versions.

The Record icon shows on the left side of the screen once you’ve produced recordings.

Step 7: You may momentarily pause recording by selecting the Pause symbol, then restart recording to the same file by selecting Pause a second time.

Step 8: Select the Stop symbol when you’re finished.

Step 9: After you’ve finished recording, choose the file and then select the Play icon to hear it played back.

Step 10: Select the Trim icon at the bottom of the window to trim the beginning and finish of the audio.

Step 11: You may modify the audio by dragging the start and end bars. To hear your new version, click the Play icon. When you’re done, click the Save icon to save the current file or make a new copy.

Step 12: To locate your MP3 file, select Open File Location from the context menu to open it on your computer’s hard drive. You can also transmit the file to someone via email or social media by clicking the Share icon.

Sometimes you may encounter a few technical problems when using window voice recording app. In that case, you need to know how to fix audio recording software.

Tips To Improve Audio Quality Of A Recording

When one is recording audio, it’s important to make sure that the quality of the sound is as high as possible. Poor-quality audio can lead to issues with comprehension or clarity, which are not good for any project.

If you would like to get started with Windows voice recorder, here are some tips on how to improve audio quality of a recording:

1. Use High Quality Microphone

The microphone is an integral part of any recording studio. It’s the device that allows the artist to share their thoughts and emotions with listeners. The higher quality your microphone, the better sound you’ll be able to capture and produce in your recordings. That’s why it’s important to choose a high-quality mic when making their purchase.

2. Record In A Place With Minimal External Noise

Noise can be a problem when recording audio, but there are some precautions that you should take.

For example turn off any unnecessary equipment like TVs or fridges in order to reduce unwanted noise emissions from your environment.

Try not breathe heavily because this will cause recorded breaths sounds too loud around certain frequencies which could make them pop sounding after editing on computer software programs .

If outside with windy conditions remember it’s best, if possible, go inside during these types of weather conditions.  Nevertheless, you can use a wind protector if you have to be outside.

3. Monitor Your Recording Process

When recording your audio, it’s important to monitor what you’re doing. Monitoring your recording process can help you avoid problems with clipping and distortion.

Also, monitoring helps you improve the quality of your recordings by giving you a better sense of how loud or soft to sing/talk in order to maintain a consistent volume level throughout the song/talk. 

4. Use Background Music

It’s important to edit your video after adding the background music. If you record it all at once, then there will be jumps in-between clips or songs because of how fast everything moves.

This is not good for listening experience and can make people feel unsettled when they hear their favorite song change unexpectedly from 2 minutes long to 3 seconds long without warning.


Whether you are recording a podcast, making an audio book or just need to record some thoughts for yourself, it is important that your recordings sound good. The best way to get the most out of your microphone and voice recorder application in Windows 10 is by using the voice recorder app.

With this free software program on your computer, you can improve the quality of any recorded audio file by boosting its volume while retaining clarity and depth. You can also use various filters to remove background noise so that only your voice remains audible during playback.

We hope these tips have been helpful in education you about windows 10 voice recording app. Good luck.

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