Do Violations Go Away on Tiktok? Ways to Get Rid of Tiktok Violations?

Tiktok, the short video-sharing app, has been rising in recent years. It is a great way to share quick videos with your friends, but what do you do if you receive a violation message? This article discusses how to get rid of Tiktok violations. You will also find out ways that violations may go away without any action on your part. Keep reading to learn more.

Violations go away on Tiktok after some time. This is because Tiktok is a platform that gives second chances to users. Tiktok lifts bans and restores accounts to users so they can enjoy their time in this app. However, if you want Tiktok to eliminate violations quickly, consider submitting an appeal to Tiktok by using the app or emailing the Tiktok team directly.

How to Use Tiktok Form to Get Rid of Tiktok Violations

You can also consider filling out the Tiktok feedback form since it is another way of getting rid of Tiktok violations. Below is an eight-step procedure on how to use the Tiktok feedback form to get rid of Tiktok violations:

Step 1: Go to your Google app on your device.

Step 2: Go to the search engine and type in the Tiktok feedback form.

Step 3: Click on the result.

Step 4: Open the Tiktok feedback form.

Step 5: Enter your email address that is easy to access.

Step 6: Key in your Tiktok user name.

Step 7: Explain your issue in the “How can we help?” section.

Step 8: Click on the “submit” button once you complete the feedback form.

Wait for the Tiktok response through the email that you provided in the form.

How Long Do Tiktok Violation Last?

Tiktok violations can last anywhere from one day to two weeks. After this time, your account will be operational as usual, though you should avoid making the same mistake again once the violation has been lifted.

Furthermore, if you want to recover your Tiktok account as soon as possible, consider filing an appeal so that the Tiktok community can review your account and restore it to normal as soon as possible. You can file an appeal by emailing or using the Tiktok app. Tiktok may take some time to respond, but they will contact you eventually.

How Long Does Appeal Take?

Once you have submitted your Tiktok appeal, Tiktok usually takes 24–72 hours to respond to appeals. Exercise a little patience once you contact Tiktok. Once you feel there is too much delay, consider repeating the appealing process using a different way of contacting their customer team.

What Does Violation Mean on Tiktok?

Violation on Tiktok means manipulation of Tiktok community guidelines that are set to maintain order in the app and protect minors. Any content that includes manipulated media depicting exploitation, abuse, or endangerment of youngsters is a Tiktok violation which calls for penalties such as bans and blocks on creating new accounts on this platform.

Avoiding Tiktok violations is important in keeping your Tiktok account safe. Ensure you read and understand the Tiktok community guidelines before uploading videos to your account.

Furthermore, you may receive notifications in your app warning you against Tiktok violations. Take heed of the warnings since the next time, Tiktok will only notify you of the penalty that results after repeated Tiktok violations.

Why Do I Keep Getting Tiktok Violations?

You keep getting Tiktok violations because you repeatedly go against the Tiktok community guidelines that keep the app running smoothly. Here are eight reasons why you keep getting Tiktok violations:

1. Blackmail threats.

2. Sharing sexual content and nudity.

3. Uploading graphic content.

4. Sharing content that venerates self-harm.

5. Posting videos that promote illegal activities.

6. Promoting discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, and race.

7. Underage of below 13 years.

8. Spam and misinformation.

How Do You Get Rid of Tiktok Violations?

If you want to get rid of Tiktok violations, consider submitting an appeal using this six-step procedure:

Step 1: Go to your Tiktok app.

Step 2: Identify the notification in your Tiktok inbox.

Step 3: Tap on the notification.

Step 4: Click on “Submit an Appeal.”

Step 5: Follow the given instructions carefully.

Step 6: Click on the “submit” button to complete the process.

Alternatively, you can follow the below steps:

1. Go to the video in your Tiktok account.

2. Tap on “Community Guidelines and Violations.”

3. Check the details.

4. Click on “Submit an Appeal.”

5. Strictly follow the instructions on your screen to avoid messing up the whole process.

6. Click on the submit button to complete the process.

Wait for Tiktok to respond by contacting you. This may take a while; therefore, have a little patience after reaching out to Tiktok.

You can also remove Tiktok violations by contacting Tiktok directly at or When explaining your problem, keep it brief and use polite language. Tiktok will reconsider your application, and you will be completely free of violations in no time.

How Many Content Violations Can You Get on Tiktok?

You can get approximately five to six violations, leading to your account being banned. Besides, your account may be reported by more than six different accounts in Tiktok for various reasons, such as abusive comments, cyberbullying, etc.

Sometimes, violating one Tiktok guideline rule may lead to an automatic block to protect the future of the app. Therefore, violations depend on the severity and frequency of the rule that is violated. Keep your account safe by strictly adhering to the Tiktok guidelines.

What Happens When You Get a Content Violation on Tiktok?

Content violations on Tiktok result in bans and more severe penalties. Tiktok notifies you in the account updates section of your inbox. Below is what happens when you get a content violation on Tiktok:

1. Temporary Ban

A temporary ban is usually imposed on users who have violated Tiktok rules for the first time. Tiktok suspends your account’s ability to comment, upload videos, and edit a profile, restricting you to a view-only experience. A temporary ban is usually lifted after 24–48 hours. You may as well submit an appeal to get your account back.

2. Permanent Ban

A permanent ban usually happens after violating several Tiktok rules repeatedly. Besides, you can also violate one very sensitive rule and gain an automatic permanent ban. Permanent bans are always complicated since restoring your Tiktok account may take a while compared to temporary bans.

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