Do Tiktok Accounts Expire and Why? Tiktok Inactive Accounts 

Tiktok, a social media app that allows you to record short videos with your phone, is a popular way to share creative content and connect with others. However, do Tiktok accounts expire? And if so, why is that? This blog post delves into the answers to these and other questions. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about Tiktok account expiration.

Tiktok accounts expire after 180 days of inactive use. If you fail to access your Tiktok account within at least 180 days, you will not be able to access your Tiktok due to the expiration. Besides, once your Tiktok account has expired, your username may be changed to a random numeric username and your previous username will be given out to someone else. 

What is Tiktok’s Inactive Account Policy?

Tiktok has an inactive account policy that ensures that all inactive accounts expire after 180 days. You will lose not only your account but also your username since you will be given a random numeric username. Users must actively use their Tiktok account after creating one on this platform. 

How Does Tiktok Determine Inactivity?

Tiktok determines your account’s inactivity if it has not been accessed for at least 180 days. If your account is inactive, then it will not be publicly visible. Tiktok encourages users to be active to avoid losing their Tiktok account since an inactive account expires.

Can I Request a Tiktok Username that is Already Taken by Another Account?

Tiktok cannot reassign a username once it has been issued to another person. Once Tiktok has taken your username due to the inactivity of your account, you will not have access to the same username. Instead, you are advised to use your desired username and add abbreviations, underscores, or numbers to make it unique.

You can also view the Intellectual Property Policy if you feel like a username infringes on intellectual property rights.

Why am I Getting the Message “Login Expired” When I Try to Log in to Tiktok?

Tiktok is a social media platform with various challenges, such as a login expired error, which leaves users stranded. Do not worry yourself, as I have got you covered. Login expiration errors are a common experience in Tiktok, brought about by connection issues. 

All you have to do is to be patient with your app until the servers are back. You may as well double-check sites like Down Detector to check whether there are reported problems or not. This login expired error only lasts for a few hours. 

Does “Login Expired” Mean My Account Has Been Deleted?

Login expired does not necessarily mean that your Tiktok account has been deleted, especially when you do not have any reason for your account being deleted. It is essential to have a little patience with your account before rushing to conclusions that may cause you to lose your Tiktok account. 

How Long Before Tiktok Deletes Your Account?

Tiktok deletes your account completely after 30 days of deactivation. You can always reactivate your account within the first 30 days of deactivation. After 30 days, you will lose your account and everything associated with it.

Furthermore, Tiktok deletes your account within the first one week of a violation of Tiktok rules, depending on the severity of the breach. Therefore, to avoid losing your Tiktok account, ensure you maintain the Tiktok guidelines, which will help you stay on the right track.

How to Delete a Tiktok Account

Perhaps you have decided that you no longer want to use the Tiktok app, and instead of deactivating, you chose to delete your Tiktok account, yet you do not know how to go about it. Deleting your Tiktok account is easy, although it highly varies depending on your device.

1. How to Delete Tiktok Account on Your iPhone

I will show you two ways to delete a Tiktok account using your iPhone or computer.

Here is the easiest seven-step procedure for how to delete the Tiktok account on your iPhone:

Step 1:Open the Tiktok app on your iPhone.

Step 2:Click on the Me tab.

Sep 3:Go to the three-line icon.

Step 4:Click on Manage Account.

Step 5:Tap the delete account button.

Step 6: Confirm by tapping the delete button again.

Step 7:Your account will be automatically deleted.

If you change your mind and want your Tiktok account back, you will be able to reactivate your account within the first 30 days after deleting your Tiktok account.

2. How to Delete a Tiktok Account on Your Computer

If you are using a computer and you want to delete your Tiktok account, you can follow these four steps:

Step 1: Open your browser on your computer and go to

Step 2: Sign in and click on your profile photo.

Step 3: Select settings and click on the delete option.

Step 4: Your account is completely deleted from Tiktok.

Why Does My Tiktok Account Expire?

Your Tiktok account expires due to inactivity within 180 days of creating an account. Tiktok detects an inactive account easily since it has never been accessed and used for at least 180 days.

Once your Tiktok account expires, your username may be reassigned to another Tiktok user, and you will be given a random numeric username. You will not be able to retrieve your username if it has already been issued to another user.

How Do I Recover My Expired Tiktok Account?

If you want to recover your expired Tiktok account, consider doing the following:

1. Open the Tiktok app on your device.

2. Go to the profile icon at the bottom part of your screen.

3. Go to the login options.

4. Tap on the “already have an account” option.

5. Click on “Use phone/email/username.”

6. Using the email/username, click on “Forgot password.”

7. Tap on either the phone number or email to request a password reset link.

8. You will receive a verification code within a short while.

9. Key in the verification code in the Tiktok app.

10. Reset your password.

11. Reset your username.

You are now through with the recovery process and are free to use your Tiktok app without any complications. Maintain discipline to prevent Tiktok from completely deleting your account due to repeated violations of the Tiktok rules.

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