Do Pro Gamers Use Controllers? Is Controller or Keyboard Better?

The choice of gaming tool one uses differs greatly depending on one’s personal preference. While gaming, you will always want to get the best out of it. The gear does not matter for some people, but they believe in their skill. Now, the big question is, do pro gamers use controllers? Keep reading to find out more about that.

Yes. However, there is a personal preference depending on the game. Some games, like Rocket League, are played by pros using controllers. However, besides being played by controllers, the game can also be played using a keyboard and a mouse. On the other hand, a mouse and a keyboard are preferred in games like Battle Royale and Fortnite. In this case, however, a controller is also an option.

8 Reasons Why Pro Gamers Use Controllers 

1. It Is Convenient

Among the many reasons why pro gamers use controllers is their convenience. For instance, with controllers, you can carry them to anywhere you are traveling to. In addition, you can play with it at any place of your choice. That makes gaming more straightforward and effortless, making a controller advantageous.

2. It Is More Comfortable

A gaming controller is more comfortable compared to a keyboard. Usually, the controllers have been designed in an exciting way. You will not need to twist yourself at any angle to reach the keys. The keys have been designed such that you can quickly get them effortlessly. That makes the gaming experience better and with less fatigue.

3. Facilitates Game Immersion

When using gaming controllers, there is a higher possibility that you will be immersed in the game. Compared to a keyboard, where you would put it in a particular position to become comfortable, there are minimal chances that you will be immersed. Instead, you will be playing with discomfort. So, pro gamers use controllers to immerse themselves in the game.

4. They Are Easy to Use

Gaming controllers are effortless to use. This is because the controllers do not have many buttons, nor do they have complex ones. That makes it very simple for any user. Compared to keyboards, their counterparts, keyboards have many keys that may lead to confusion. So, besides gaming keyboards being the best, controllers are easier to use.

5. They Are Widely Compatible

Compatibility is a crucial thing that one has to consider. For instance, pro gamers prefer using controllers for gaming due to their compatibility. With a controller, you can use it on different devices and still achieve the most out of it. So, if you want a well-compatible device, you can take the initiative of finding and using gaming controllers.

6. They Are Flexible

Gaming controllers are flexible compared to keyboards. Usually, when you have a game controller, you can make any movement or rotation with fewer struggles. This lets you play the game in the comfort of your home. The flexibility feature is exciting since there are minimal chances of getting tired during the entire activity.

7. Has Sensitive Pressure Triggers

Many gaming controllers are designed with pressure-sensitive triggers. The function of the triggers is to provide flexibility in certain games. For instance, when you slightly press the triggers in games like driving, the acceleration speed will be low. On the other hand, if you press the trigger with more energy, a high acceleration speed is noticed. And that makes it a reason why pros prefer using controllers.

8. They Have a Compact Size

One of the greatest benefits of gaming controllers is their compact size. Their ability to be that compact makes them easier to transport. This means that you can carry them anywhere with no struggle. In addition, you can play with it at any place of your choice without getting tired.

Do Pro Gamers Use Modded Controllers?

Yes. However, not all gamers use modded controllers. Some gamers prefer using keyboards and mice. So, it depends on the gamer’s interest and preference.

The debate is on whether gamers use a keyboard or a controller. This has been going on for many years. The choice of a gamer is, however, what matters. Some pro gamers find it best to use a keyboard and mouse, while some prefer controllers. Also, some may use both depending on what type of game they are playing.

Is Controller or Keyboard Better for FPS?

A mouse and keyboard are more accurate, with faster input and extra features that make them better for FPS than a controller.

The question of whether a keyboard is better than a controller keeps on arising. Typically, the choice of which is better for them depends on oneself.

Is Aiming with a Mouse Easier Than with a Controller?

Yes. Aiming with a mouse is much easier than with a controller. That makes a mouse very advantageous in playing shooting games. You will get the most out of it with less effort.

What Controller Do Most Pros Use?

There are a variety of controllers that most professional gamers use. However, I will mention five of them that pros prefer the most.

1.Xbox Elite Wireless

2. Xbox Wireless Controller

3. SCUF Impact

4. SCUF Infinity4PS Pro

5. Dual Shock 4

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