Do PCs Last Longer Than Consoles? Everything You Need to Know

In gaming, PCs and consoles are among the essential tools to help the activity’s smooth running. As a gamer, one must find the best PCs and consoles to increase performance. However, the two tools must be maintained well and upgraded when needed.

No, PCs don’t last longer than consoles. For instance, PCs need to be upgraded every 3 to 4 years. On the other hand, consoles are said to last for 6 to 8 years. Isn’t that amazing? However, besides consoles having the ability to last longer, gaming PCs are easy to upgrade, and the parts are easy to find. On the other hand, you cannot upgrade the consoles, and you can’t repair them with your knowledge.

3 Reasons Why PCs Don’t Last Longer Than Consoles 

Below are three reasons why PCs don’t last longer than console:

1. Its Hardware Is Not Fixed 

PC hardware is not fixed. When compared to consoles, the power being used is very minimal. PCs, however, use a lot of power since they run on mixed hardware. The use of more power makes it not last that long compared to its console counterpart.

2. Consoles Don’t Need to Be Upgraded 

Another reason that makes consoles last longer is that they don’t necessarily need to be upgraded. The reason why that is possible is that every game that comes on the consoles is set to play well. Since PCs require upgrades, the games might not be compatible with the hardware, making them last longer. 

3. PCs Use Hard Drives 

Compared to memory cards, which are more reliable, hard drives are not. PCs tend to use hard drives, which doesn’t necessarily make them very durable. PCs use direct power rather than cartridge batteries, which are considered to last longer. 

Do Gaming PCs Last Long?

Yes. Gaming PCs last long. However, they do last over a long period of time when there are upgrades in the long run. Compared to consoles, they don’t out brighten them. PCs are considered very powerful and can handle different tasks smoothly. You can also consider getting a cheap PC for gaming, which will also perform better, giving you the best results.

There are, however, some ways that can make your PC last a bit longer. In this blog, I recommend you follow the following to increase your gaming PC life span.

How to Increase your gaming PC lifetime:

1. Ensure Your PC is Well Installed

Among the things that you can always put into consideration is ensuring that your equipment is well installed. Installation matters since that is what your PC depends on.

Proper installation of a PC means that it will run smoothly and that the chances for it to last longer are increased. Hence, it would be best if you install your PC well.

2. Ensure That the Voltage Is at the Right Point

Usually, PCs require power to run. The power is, however, transmitted in voltage form. For instance, you must ensure that the transmitted voltage is enough and does not exceed the point required to reach it. When the voltage is well controlled, you can be sure of having a long-lasting PC.

3. Uses Quality Parts

As you know, after some time, PCs will always require upgrading. In most normal situations, the PCs tend to come with original and quality parts; when upgrading, it is very fundamental that you consider upgrading with the highest quality and most durable parts too. By doing this, you can be assured that your PC will last for the longest period of time.

Are PCs Still Better Than Consoles?

Yes, PCs tend to be better. One of the reasons that makes this possible is the ability of the PCs to be more powerful. On the other hand, consoles are also suitable and got their side advantages. In simple terms, the two gaming tools depend on the user’s preference.

Why are PCs Superior to Consoles?

Here are four reasons why the PC is superior to consoles:


Many gamers are always after the best performance during the entire activity. In this case, they tend to choose PCs over consoles.

Its performance rate becomes more advantageous since it gives the users a smooth gaming experience.

2. Game Mods

Among the most exciting things that many gamers like is to modify the games they are playing to be more stunning and realistic. That is a feature that is offered in gaming PCs. As a user, you can provide different modifications to suit different needs. A feature that is not available on gaming consoles.

3. No Online Service Payment

PCs tend to offer their games free of charge when compared to consoles, which require a specific subscription rate, ethernet, and wi-fi connection to run smoothly. The internet is only needed if one tries to play multiplayer online games.

4. Everyday Use

PCs tend to be better than consoles in terms of usage. This means that PCs can achieve different purposes, including video editing, sending emails, communication, and even gaming. On the other hand, consoles are limited to gaming only.

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