Do Curved Monitors Affect Your Aim? Everything You Need to Know

Gamers are always after accuracy when they are conducting different gaming activities. Usually, accuracy is what makes one win the game with less effort. However, the use of some pieces of equipment is required for accuracy to be achieved. The question, however, is, do curved monitors affect your aim? Keep reading to find out more about that.

No. Curved monitors do not affect your aim. What curved monitors do is enhance immersion. Curved monitors usually provide a unique gaming experience compared to flat monitors. With a curved monitor, you can game smoothly and view the game from the best angles. To get a better aim, mice tend to play great roles. If you are after the best aiming and shooting experience, purchasing a good mouse for the activity would be best.

In addition to the curved monitors enabling you to focus on the game, they tend to provide a better and more comfortable viewing experience. Also, the monitors are easier on the eyes, so the gamer does not struggle during gaming. That means that there are many reasons to get yourself a curved monitor, not for aiming purposes but for a better gaming experience.

Does a Curved Monitor Affect Gaming?

Yes. Curved monitors will affect gaming. The monitor will tend to affect the game either positively or negatively. For instance, when looking on the positive side, the monitors will offer greater immersion compared to the flat versions. Usually, when gaming with this type of monitor, you can concentrate since you will be limited to any distractions from the background.

3 Pros of a Curved Monitor

Below are some of the advantages of using a curved monitor

1. More Comfortable For Eyes

The primary goal of any activity, such as gaming, is to be comfortable. With a curved monitor, you can easily achieve a comfortable eye view. This is simple to accomplish because the curvature allows you to see multiple things at once with little effort.

2. Stylish and Eye Catching

When looking at the curved monitors, they have been designed in such a way that they are very attractive. For instance, things like colors are displayed well, and the edges are designed to make the users feel like they are immersed in a real world. So, getting a curved monitor isn’t a bad idea if you go for looks.

3. They Improve the Gaming Experience

The gaming experience can be easily achieved and improved if there is immersion. With greater immersion, the focus will mostly be on the game. This will make you see all the details and, therefore, make your gaming skill levels increase and improve. Hence, if you are after a better gaming experience, you should not hesitate to get a curved monitor.

3 Cons of Curved Monitors

Besides curved monitors offering immersion in the game, they also have some drawbacks that make pro gamers not use them.

Here are the cons of curved monitors during gaming:

1. Light Reflection

The curved display catches light from many angles, making it difficult to look at due to the glare.

2. Limited Viewing Angles

They have limited viewing angles compared to flat monitors. This makes gaming a lot more difficult since you are required to sit at a specific angle for a better view.

3. They Are More Expensive

Compared to flat monitors, curved monitors tend to be more costly. With a fixed budget, you will be limited to purchasing a curved monitor. The price is, however, high due to the monitor’s specifications. So, if you want to get it, it would be best if you saved enough money to get it.

Is Curved Monitor Good for Competition?

No. Curved monitors are not good for competition. Pro gamers rarely use them because some advantages can turn into disadvantages during competition. Furthermore, developers prefer to test games on flat monitors, making flat-types stand out from the competition.

The debate over whether curved or flat monitors are better for gaming continues. The decision here will be based on your personal gaming preferences. Some people will find it easier and more convenient to use a flat monitor, while others will prefer their counterparts.

Do Curved Monitors Distort Games?

Yes. Curved monitors distort the game. In most cases, the monitor will distort the screen image, making it difficult to see the whole screen at once.

Before purchasing the monitor, it would be best to know the benefits of a curved monitor. The benefits will guide you to what the monitor offers to improve the general workflow.

Does Curved Monitor Affect FPS?

Yes. Curved monitors will affect FPS. The FPS will be lower if the monitor has a higher pixel count. This is a clear indication that FPS is affected by a curved monitor.

Therefore, what is the best monitor size for FPS? 24 and 25 inches are the best monitor sizes for FPS. These sizes offer enough screen space for gaming, making it easier to see everything in the field of view.

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