Can You Write a Book Based on a Movie? Hidden Facts, Exposed!

Writing books is a skill that people are attempting to develop in order to earn a living. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can write a book in a variety of styles. In this field, various questions arise, one of which is “Can you write a book based on a movie?” This blog post answers this question and provides additional information.

No, you cannot write a book based on a movie since you will be infringing copyrights. However, you may seek permission first, and when granted, you can write your book based on a movie. It is expensive since you will have to pay for the copyrighted work. Besides, you need to get a license to write a screenplay for your book, which is also an expense.

This will create numerous complications when writing a book based on a film. You may obstruct the sale of the film, which is detrimental to the original producer. The producer has the right to sue you for copyright infringement. As a result, avoid writing books based on films, especially if permission has not been granted. The majority of producers do not allow their work to be copyrighted in books.

How Do I Legally Write a Book Based on a Finished Movie?

If you want to write a book based on a finished movie legally, follow these six steps:

1. Contact the movie producers.

2. Seek permission to write a book based on that movie.

3. Negotiation of the profits.

4. Write your novel.

5. Publish your book.

6. Sell to the target audience.


Write the story in your own words and change the character names, country, and other details that indicate copyright infringements. Ensure your work is not easily noticed as copied since your published book will be removed from the market, registering losses.

What is a Book Based on a Movie Called?

A book based on a movie is called a “novelization” since it adapts the story meant to be filmed. Novelization can be worked on after you have sought permission from the movie’s scriptwriter. Negotiate the novelization laws to be permitted to write a book based on the movie. Besides, you should be ready to share profits after publishing your book.

Can I Write a Book About a Video Game?

You can only write a book about a video game if you are authorized to do so; otherwise, you will be infringing copyrights. If you have not been granted permission to write a book based on a video game, avoid writing it since you will waste your time and you will not be able to sell your book.

Can I Talk About a Movie in My Book?

Yes, you can talk about a movie in your book, but at least try to limit yourself to copyright infringements. Quoting exact quotes from a movie and using their characters is covered under fair use; therefore, you need no permission to use them.

However, if you are interested in talking about a movie in your entire book, then consider writing it in your own words and changing the character’s name so that your book cannot be easily recognized as a copyright infringement. You can also adopt a disclaimer page that shows the name of the producer, publisher, and intentions to avoid landing yourself in trouble.

Can You Mention Fictional Characters in Your Book?

Yes, you can mention fictional characters in your book, but ensure you are brief since brief quotations are always covered under fair use. Positively mentioning them is seen as free publicity. However, it is best to avoid writing lengthy pieces that mention fictional characters in your book.

Can You Use Other People’s Fictional Characters?

Yes, you can use other people’s fictional characters under two conditions:

  1. After being granted permission to use the fictional characters by the book’s original author.
  2. When your story is entirely different from the fictional book.

Ensure the copyright owner does not find any reason to sue you. Try as much as possible to avoid copyright infringements to avoid complications in the sales of your books.

Can I Mention Netflix in My Book?

Yes, you can mention Netflix in your book if you take precautions not to overdo it. Mentioning Netflix in your book is covered under fair use. Therefore, no copyright infringements are registered. Brand names such as Netflix appreciate it when they are mentioned in a book since it helps with their exposure and thus grows their publicity.

Can I Write a Book Inspired by a TV Show?

Yes, you can write a book inspired by a TV show. However, avoid copy-pasting the exact words since you will be infringing copyrights. Use your own words to come up with your storyline. Protect your book from being removed by maintaining your lanes. You can also seek permission from the owner of the TV show to be on the safe side.

Can I Use Real Names of TV Shows in My Novel?

Yes, you can use the real names of TV shows in your novel if you are writing positively about them. Negativity will only cause problems since you will be interfering with their marketing. Also, be brief when mentioning the real names of TV shows in your novel.

Can I Mention a TV Show in a Book?

Yes, a TV show can be mentioned in a book. You do not need permission to mention a television show in your book. In a nutshell, sayings are always protected by fair use. Copyright infringements will appear only if you use the exact words from the TV show. Furthermore, to avoid being sued for negativity, mention a TV show in a positive light.

How Do You Make a Movie into a Novel?

Below are seven steps on how to make a movie into a novel:

1. Watch the movie keenly to know the plot of the story.

2. Outline the characters.

3. Identify significant events.

4. Identify significant clauses.

4. Break the story into chapters.

5. Write your movie.

6. Publish your novel.

7. Release to the public.

Follow these steps to write a good novel.

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