Can You Read a Book in a Sauna? (Solved & Explained!)

Reading is one of the activities that can take place anywhere as long as you have your concentration intact. Also, it is best to select a conducive place where your concentration will not be tampered with by any distraction. However, you may be curious to know whether you can read a book in a sauna or not.

Yes, you can read a book in a sauna. However, you should avoid bringing in reading materials in steam rooms because water vapor will destroy your book. Moreover, reading a book in the sauna will help you pass the time quickly because you will get your mind off the heat.

What to Consider When Bringing Your Book in Sauna

The sauna is one of the most relaxing places where you can easily concentrate while reading. However, it is best to know that temperatures can also get extremely high, making it quite impossible to read. Besides, reading classic books in a sauna feels awesome as they lift your mood as you enjoy the dry heat in a sauna.

It is important to note that reading in a sauna can also be harmful. This includes straining your eye veins while reading due to extreme heat; glue melting, destroying the book; the kindle overheating, destroying the device, and so on. Choose a book that you don’t mind getting ruined in the sauna.

What Happens If You Read a Book in a Sauna?

The following are five effects when you read a book in a sauna:

1. Melting of the Glue

The glue that attaches book covers and pages may melt due to the excess heat in the sauna. This will lead to pages falling off due to lack of attachment, thus ruining the whole book.

2. Soaking of the Printing Ink

Printing ink gets soaked due to the heat that is in the sauna. Once the ink is soaked, you will not be able to read the letters in your book. Wet ink ruins the entire book.

3. Straining of Your Eyes

Once you are in a sauna, your body gets heated, and the eye veins are always visible in your eyes. Trying to read in a sauna will strain your eyes, making it almost impossible to read because the temperature in a sauna is not the same as room temperature.

4. Overheating of the Kindle

A Kindle is an electronic device not meant to be used in excess heat. Bringing your kindle along with you in a sauna will lead to overheating the device, thus, melting the interior wires ruins the entire system. However, you should note that other Kindle models can sustain the high heat, although they are more expensive than the usual models.

5. Sweating

You will sweat in a sauna due to the heat cleaning your body and opening your pores. Therefore, handling books and devices can ruin them because of wet hands. Remember, physical books and electronic devices are enemies of water.

Can I Bring My Kindle into the Sauna?

No, you cannot bring your Kindle into the sauna. This is because the Kindle is an electronic device, and overheating causes the melting of some parts, destroying the entire Kindle. Like a smartphone, kindles should be left out before entering the sauna. However, other Kindle models can survive the extreme temperatures, although they are more expensive than the usual models.

How to Pass Time in Sauna

In a sauna, you can easily get bored if you don’t do something that takes your mind off of the heat that is in there. Therefore, here are six things you can do to pass the time in the sauna:

1. Reading

In a dry sauna, you can bring some magazines, articles, and other reading materials to help you pass the time. However, avoid bringing reading materials to a steam sauna, as moisture usually ruins books.

2. Listen to Music

Music is always the medicine for almost all problems. You can bring in a wireless, waterproof Bluetooth device. They will help you play good music since you cannot bring any electronic devices.

3. Practice Yoga

Hot Yoga is good for your body since it strengthens your back, core and lower body. It helps increase the flexibility in your body. Moreover, these poses will help pass the time without you feeling bored in the sauna.

4. Chat with Friends

You can also come to the sauna with your friends to avoid being lonely and bored. Friends make stories, which help pass time in the sauna. Loneliness will make you feel super bored, and your mind will stick to the heat.

5. Meditation

A sauna is a relaxed place where you can meditate to help you reduce stress, depression, heart disease, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Meditation in a sauna lifts your mood, thus helping you take your mind off boredom.

6. Diffuse a Pleasant Smell

Trying aromatherapy sauna sessions is essential in killing boredom. The new scent experience will make you feel good and relaxed, thus reducing anxiety. Most prefer the eucalyptus scent due to the health benefits that tag along, such as eliminating sinus problems and colds.

What Do You Do in a Sauna?

The main purpose of being in a sauna is to relax in dry heat to clean your body and open up your skin pores. Saunas also have other health benefits, specifically cardiovascular health, where your heart gets effects similar to physical exercise.

How Long Should You Stay in a Sauna?

It is best to stay in a sauna for 15 to 20 minutes. However, you are also free to leave the sauna once you feel the heat has become too much for you to handle. A sauna is meant for relaxing and calming your nerves. Besides, avoid overstaying in a sauna since your chance of dehydration will increase due to excessive sweating, which leads to body water loss.

Benefits of Sauna

Below are five benefits of the sauna:

  1. Clean and open your pores.
  2. Strengthens your skin.
  3. Helps you relax.
  4. Improves your heart health.
  5. Reduces lower back pain.

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