Can I Upload Gameplay Without Commentary? Best Time to Upload Videos

To get a good gameplay for posting to your page or channel, there is a need for creativity. Creativity is what will make the viewers have the urge to get whatever you are displaying. There are a lot of ways you can achieve this. A good gameplay needs to have some features to make it even more interesting. Commentary, for instance, might be among the things required. Now the question is, can I upload a gameplay without commentary? Keep reading to find out more about that. 

Yes. You can upload a gameplay video without commentary. You should be able to monetize it too, unless the publisher has stated that they don’t want youtubers to monetize their games. The best thing to do is to, however, upload your game with commentary. That will give the viewer a good impression, and they will be able to follow up on your content.

How to Make Good Gameplay Commentaries 

There are some things that you need to do to make a good gameplay commentary. Here are five important things to do to achieve that: 

1. Use Short Intros and Outros 

 Usually, intros are what make the viewers be keen and want to know what will go on afterwards. When making gameplay commentaries, it would be best to get a catchy intro for the entire gameplay. The intro should be superb in that the person watching it may want to try the original game. It would also be best for the intro and outro to be short to prevent boredom. 

2. Use Quality Recording Equipment

The gear that you use during the entire recording matters a lot. You cannot use cheap gear and expect to get the most out of it. It is therefore crucial that you find quality gear for the best possible sound production. Quality recording equipment means quality sound and hence excellent gameplay. So, as a recommendation, before recording gameplay commentaries, it would be best to invest in the gear. 

3. Speak Clearly 

Typically, a gameplay commentary will mostly focus on the sound. The sound produced is what will be used to explain the entire gameplay. You would obviously not want your listeners to struggle to listen to whatever you are saying. It is therefore recommended that you record the entire thing with a clear voice and with little or no shaking. By that, you can be sure of making a good commentary on the gameplay. 

4. Talk on Point 

When you want to make a good gameplay commentary, there is a need to stay on point. This means that, if you are talking about that game, you have to stick to it. The message to be delivered should be targeted at your gameplay audience and no other people. So, it would be best to stay on point when making a gameplay commentary. 

5. Make a Script 

It would be best to have a script before recording a gameplay commentary. Having a script is better than recording an impromptu speech. The script will guide you on what to say throughout the entire period. It is therefore recommended that you have a well-written script just for the purpose of the commentary. By doing that, you can be sure of having a good gameplay commentary. 

What Is the Best Time to Upload Gaming Videos?

The best time to upload gaming videos is at 5 p.m. If you also post your videos before 9 p.m., you will have a better chance of success. You could also consider posting your video in the morning at around 8 a.m. on a weekday, EST.

The suggested time is considered to be one of the most productive times. Most people would be at work or on their way to work during those hours, giving them time to watch whatever you uploaded. You can also keep an eye on your audience and learn when they are most active. 

Can You Monetize Gameplay on YouTube Without Commentary?

Yes. You can monetize gameplay without commentary on YouTube. However, video game content can be monetized if it is linked to live action or shown for instructional or educational purposes. So, unless the publisher does not want youtubers to monetize their games, the upload can go ahead.

Gaming videos with no commentary are perfectly acceptable. All that matters is the content you’ve provided. Creativity can help you create high-quality content. As a result, it is best to be inventive throughout the journey.

Can I Upload Gameplay to YouTube? 

Yes, you can. However, you have to observe all the You Tube rules and ensure that you violate none of them.  By doing that, you can be sure of a smooth experience across the entire platform. It is also important that in the gameplay, there should be no copyrighted music. 

Are Gameplay Videos Copyrighted? 

Yes. They are. Content creators have decided to protect their videos to prevent misconduct by other people. So, yes, gameplay videos are copyrighted and, hence, using them without the owner’s permission may result in many problems. 

YouTube gameplay copyright is what is protecting different content from landing in unsafe hands. The copyright is important since you, the creator alone, have the freedom to do anything about the gameplay. In addition, the copyrights help in promoting creativity and innovation since one is not supposed to copy the so-called “your content.” 

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