Can I Monetize Movie Clips on YouTube? Secrets Exposed!

It seems like just about anything can be monetized in this day and age. You can make money from home by selling products on Amazon, you can make money from your blog by displaying ads, and you can even make money from videos on YouTube by using the ad revenue sharing program. So, the question is: can you monetize movie clips on YouTube? 

Yes, you can monetize any video on your channel if it doesn’t cause copyright issues. If you are using copyrighted movies to derive your clips, then be sure to seek a copyrights license. Otherwise, if the algorithm detects that you have uploaded a copyrighted clip, then all profits go to the video creators and not you. You get a copyright strike and risk losing your account on your end.

However, the final video must have your contribution as well. You’ll be able to tell when a clip will flop or become popular based on why it’s the best part in that particular movie (or any other indicator). There are some rules for using fair-use content depending upon what type they might fall under, though, so make sure not just take my word alone without checking out the creator’s description of what falls in fair use. 

This is how you can earn money by uploading movie clips on YouTube: 

Step 1: Create a second channel for testing purposes, apart from your channel. 

Step 2: Create your video. Please post it in the second channel (not your main). Check the video back in 48 hours. If there is a copyright issue, you will get notified with specific sections using a period, say 2:54 minutes, that triggers the issue. 

Step 3: Fix that part and replace that clip.

Step 4: Delete the first video the post the updated version on the second channel. Wait for 24 hours.

Step 5: If no copyright notice comes, then you are good to use the video in your main channel.

Step 6. Remove the video from the second channel post it on your main channel. 

Step 7: Enjoy the money. 

Be sure to use the fewer channels rule to ensure you crosscheck any issues before fully showing your subscribers. 

Yes. It is legal to use movie clips in a YouTube video. However, the clips should be obtained from fair use copyrights. 

You may be wondering how to know if that video falls under fair use, do this:

1. The Purpose of Your Video

For example, if you’re making an educational clip on story structure, it would most likely be deemed fair game because there are no intentions of profit from these uses. 

2. Consider the Number of Your Viewers/Subscribers

Suppose you are planning on uploading this footage as part of an interview, and only one person has seen previous videos from you. In that case, chances may not be too great that they would want their copy with those same content because there isn’t much value in having two similar things (in terms of advertising).

3. Do You Need It

For this point, think about how familiar your chosen media piece might be for those watching – do they recognize it right away? If so, then there’s no doubt about whether or not these practices are considered ” Fair Use.” Can anyone potentially come up with similar ideas based on what was shown without using any specific copyrightable content beforehand? That clip should be of value and perhaps have no other alternative. 

4. Your Video Structure

The more well-known your clip is, then this will most likely be approved for fair use. On the contrary, clips containing sensitive private information, such as interviews with celebrities who speak candidly on camera about things going on in our society today, would probably not qualify under any US law unless given special permission by each person who appears within them.

5. Impact on Original Clip

Using clips from films as negative reviews to prove something about the original work can be wrong. Your audience could stop watching the original content or fail to engage with the original call to action. It may negatively affect you since the creators can sue you for copyrights infringement. 

Can I Trim Movies to Clips and Upload them to My YouTube?

Yes. You can trim movies into clips and upload them on YouTube, but you should follow its policy about music copyright for the sake of your channel existing in the future. 

How Much Can You Earn from Movie Clips?

It depends on your subscribers and the views your video generates. You can earn a lot of money from movie clips if you command a strong following. However, you’ll start getting paid after 10,000 views, and the amount they give you per view is very low. But it’s an excellent option to make cash anyway. 

Yes. It is possible to upload small clips under fair use. The US copyright laws, Title 17 §107, permit the use of a protected work without the right-holder’s permission if the use is for a purpose “such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research….” 

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