Can I Monetize Game Trailers on YouTube? (Solved & Explained!)

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular social media showcasing platforms. Many users make a lot of money on YouTube simply by displaying their content. This has made it easier for people to earn a living without having to work as hard. You might want to start your own YouTube channel as a gamer. After all, it’s not such a bad idea. However, there are some limitations that will prevent you from posting everything on the platform. Let us find out whether you can monetize game trailers on YouTube.

No. It isn’t easy to monetize game trailers on YouTube. Typically, trailers are often so short that they cannot have ads on them. This means that there will be no monetization in that case. Usually, the studios that display game trailers do it not for money but because they don’t have anything to lose.

Why Is It Difficult to Monetize Game Trailers on YouTube?

Monetizing game trailers on YouTube may also be difficult due to copyright issues. The original video owners have usually protected their content. As a result, you must obtain their permission before proceeding with the posting. You can still post the content to your channel and get views. However, you will not be compensated.

If you want to post a video trailer on your YouTube channel, you must first obtain permission. In most cases, a procedure is followed to grant you permission. It is possible that after you obtain permission and post the content, the money will be paid to the original owner rather than follow the monetization process. It is, however, preferable because you will avoid having your channel blocked or reported.

Are Game Trailers Copyrighted?

Yes. Game trailers are copyrighted. They are not in the public domain; hence, the original users have a right to them. The owners will determine how you will use that content outside the world, who will use it, how they will use it, and where they will use it.

The way your content is used outside matters a lot. The reason for copyrighting your content is for protection purposes. Some people may end up misusing your content, leading to displaying a bad brand image. This may be a problem for your company since the outcome is not good.

How Long Is the Average Game Trailer?

An average game trailer will take 60 to 90 seconds on average. The reason that should make you have a short trailer is the viewer’s interest. In the current generation, viewers have a shorter attention span. It is therefore recommended that you stick to a short and fantastic trailer.

How Do You Make a Good Trailer?

There are a lot of ways that you can make a good trailer. Here are five things to consider in the making process:

1. Have a Goal

Having a goal is what makes a game trailer good. When you look closely, the purpose of a trailer is to incite curiosity in the viewer. It would be best to target your audience properly so that you know what they want. For instance, you should understand what your audience likes and dislikes and what their preferences are. With that, you can be sure of having a better trailer than expected.

2. Consider Good Timing

A good gaming trailer is a short one. Nobody would like to watch a trailer that lasts two hours as if it were a movie. That will result in boredom, and no one will be interested in your staff. A good gaming trailer should last for at least 60 to 90 seconds. In between that time range, you must show how the entire game is.

The trailer should be catchy, bringing some desire to look for the game. Therefore, you must consider the best time to make a good trailer.

3. Have a Clear Story

When doing a trailer, you will need a story. That story in writing is what will be displayed in action form. To create a good trailer, you must have a good storyline. The story should be sequential, and the order of events should follow a logical order.

A straightforward story will enable the viewer to understand the whole thing from the beginning to the end. That will then help in making a good trailer.

4. Have Background Music

Music is what creates the natural feel of a video. When making a game trailer, to make it look good, you must consider inserting the relevant music into it. In the case of fast action, it is recommended that you play the fast music, and vice versa. You can transform your game trailer into the best with some good music.

5. Have A Voice Over

A plain trailer can be good. But think of it when it has a voice-over. Imagine some voice explaining the game, what it has, and how it is played. Isn’t that amazing? Therefore, it is essential that you consider playing a voice-over in the background of your trailer. That will make the viewer concentrate and have the desire to want to see more. With that, you can be sure of making a good trailer.

How Much Do Game Trailers Make?

Before purchasing a good gaming trailer, it would be best to know how much it costs for a game trailer. After knowing the average price, you can go ahead and get a quality trailer.

Game trailers make an annual profit of approximately $109, 000 on average.

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