Best-Selling Video Game of All Time | 8 Best Video Games to Check Out!

There are a lot of game developers all over the world, each with different ideas. The developers come up with different games that are played differently from others. However, different gamers have different tastes in the games they like. Due to that, you will realize that some games are more popular than others and that others are selling out faster than their counterparts. Now, the question is, what is the best-selling video game of all time? Let’s find out.

Here is a list of 8 best-selling video games of all time


First on our list is Tetris. In the past years until now, Tetris has ranked first on the list of the top-selling video games all over the world. It is said that Tetris is also one of the best sellers, with at least 520 million copies sold.

According to Tetris Company, the manager happens to say that Tetris had 425 million paid mobile downloads. Isn’t that good money?


PUBG falls among the best-selling video games in the world. The game has been popular because of its niche in battle royale games. According to the director, Dave Curd, the game has sold about 75 million copies of PUBG.

In January 2022, the game was made free to play after that massive sale of 75 million copies. In such a situation, free-to-download and pay games do not count as game sales. However, PUBG Mobile has had over 1 billion downloads since it was made free.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto is not only the best-selling video game but also a popular one across different regions worldwide. According to its history, GTA V was the fastest-selling video game and the first to sell over $1 billion.

So, GTA is considered to have made a lot of profit since then. One good thing about the game is that it has mobile versions too. This becomes an advantage since when one does not have a computer, they can still enjoy the entire game in the mobile version.

4. Overwatch

Among the hero shooting games, Overwatch tends to be on the list of the best-selling video games across the world. The game has sold over 50 million copies, according to the company. The game is said to have been developed and designed with heroes that fit their characters in the entire game.

The company is, however, planning on making the game free to play. This will be a great advantage to game lovers since they will not have to pay for the game.

5. Minecraft

Minecraft has recognized a very massive scale over the past few years. The company has sold 238 million copies of the game as of April 2021. According to them, Microsoft tends to say that sales have climbed higher compared to the past years.

The sales of the games are, however, spread over 22 platforms. That is great since it shows how big the game is. So, too, Minecraft is among the best-selling video games of all time.

6. Wii Sports

Sixth on our list, we have Wii sports. According to sales figures from Nintendo, Wii Sports falls under the company’s best-selling video game category. The company has sold over 83 million copies on a single platform. This means that the game has not been promoted by other platforms but has stood on its own. So, if you want to try the game, you should go without hesitation.

7. Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros. is considered the best-selling NES game ever. With a sale of over 48 million copies on the console, the game stands a good chance of appearing in the list of best-selling video games worldwide. The developers have, however, made different versions of the games, each with different features. Their versions still stand out in the market and sell massively.

8. Pokemon Gen 1

Pokemon tends to be a very popular game whose origin is Japan. Initially, the original Pokemon was available in two versions during the launch. The Pokemon Red and Green When it went to other territories, it went by Pokemon red and blue; later on, the yellow version came into existence.

The game has, however, realized an average sale of about 47 million copies. Each of the versions contributed to the 47 million sales since each of them was sold independently.

5 Best Game Series of All Time

1. Mario RPG Series

2. Mario Party Series

3. Super Mario Series

4. Mario Sports Series

5. Mario Kart Series

Most Popular Video Game of All Time

There are a lot of the most popular video games of all time across the entire universe. All you have to do is find the best of them all and begin to play. As a recommendation, if you are a fan of shooting games, it would be best to find a popular game in that niche. By doing that, you can be sure of having fun during the entire activity.

You might be confused about what game you should play. If that might be your case, you can always consider getting the Most Downloaded Game of All Time. Since they are the most downloaded, there are higher chances that they are the best and most popular. 

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